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    • 2023-05-21

Decorated cookie tins with cookies, that make you feel happy when you open it and look inside, are trending in Japan. Today is the second part of our visit to a popular cookie tin shop. We will introduce cookies and also other sweets.

■ COBATO STORE is full of retro sensations from its cookies to the store itself
Starting as a general store, the company that joins coupé bakery and café in the same spot was born from the wish to "make cute tins that can be kept for a long time". The cookie tins contain the flagship product Speculoos, a traditional French confectionery. "COBATO STORE" was born as a store that sells cookie tins, stationery, miscellaneous goods and etc. Their commitment is reflected not only in their products, but also in their exterior and interior space, as well as the display of the store. You can immerse yourself in a comfortable retro feeling and shop with excitement.

・Cobato Speculoos tin with cookies shaped as a delightful factory manager 1,780 JPY (prices below include consumption tax)

The can depicts three adorable apprentices happily carrying bread, and contains three spice-filled, factory manager-shaped cookies mixed with cinnamon, ginger and etc. The texture is crispier than regular butter cookies. You can also enjoy the postcards and the message from the factory manager, which come inside.

A new cookie can of Cobato biscuit that goes well with alcoholic beverage 2,970 JPY

 It contains eight biscuits with two types of flavors, with a distinct aroma. The flavors are salty rosemary and lemon cheese pepper. The cookies are not sweet, they have a crunchy texture and usually goes well with coffee or tea, however we recommend having them along with some wine. Please take this opportunity to give it a try!

・Store limited cookie polvorone that brings happiness

 A round candy born in Spain, and it is said to be a magic candy that makes your wish come true if you say "Polvoron" three times, before you put it in your mouth and unravel it. Buy it as a souvenir and say "Polvoron" three times with your loved ones to make your wish come true!

▲ On the store display, Pinocchio is lurking somewhere, also in this photo. Please find it in the store!

Information from the store
 COBATO STORE has a dignified atmosphere, and COBATO STAND, which is adjacent to it, is a retro space that sells coffee and dorayaki, incorporating a slightly Japanese taste. You can enjoy a different atmosphere at each of the two stores. The in-store display also changes with each event, so please enjoy it.
 In addition, the emptied cookie tins after having the cookies are widely used as lunch boxes for sandwiches and omelet rice, sewing boxes, postcards, and plant containers. Have fun thinking about various ways to use it.

There are affiliated coupé bakeries and cafes around the store, so we recommend stopping by here as well!

・Shop location

   Osaka City, Kita-ku, Tenma 3-5-1 Iron & I Building 1F