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Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, a shopping center targeting mature customers opened in December 2019 in Shibuya, a district popular among overseas visitors. There are approximately 70 refined shops that would satisfy the craving of those grown ups with a knack for playing hard. Today, we will introduce our 4 shops of choice that will surely light up your playful spirit.

"Pepper PARLOR", a Futuristic Cafe Waited by Robots

Pepper PARLOR is a jolly cafe where robots provide hospitality. Upon entrance, you will be greeted by a line of humanoid "Pepper" robots. Their job is to take orders and cashier handling.

''Yees, please order from this tablet!'' Pepper asked when our eyes met.

’’How many people?'' interaction began right away.

Using the tablet in front of Pepper, we can choose our favorite menu!*Pepper at reception can also assist in English and Chinese.

When you are not sure what to order, Pepper will recognize your face, analyze your age, gender, and facial expressions, and suggest accordingly. Since I look energetic, he recommended Shiratama (rice-flour dumpling) and raspberries with sweet bean paste butter. I’m feeling more energetic already!

Also, Pepper will join your table, play with you, and even take pictures together.

In addition to Pepper, waiting "Servi" robots, small bipedal "NAO" robots in charge of dancing (on that day, they showed us their kung-fu dance), and cleaning and disinfection robots "Whiz" also have an active roll.

Be sure to check out this cafe to experience a glimpse of a future with robots.

Discover Japanese Souvenirs with a Playful Touch

Beams, a select shop with a variety of Japanese-themed products from fashion and pop culture, to traditional crafts. Their lineup of unique products can be seen just by standing at the entrance.

Here are two recommends for souvenirs with a playful touch.

■Silhouette bookend (Sumo wrestlers) Price: 3,850 Yen

These bookends showing wrestlers of Japan's national sport, sumo, exerting their power. The two wrestlers support your books from both sides.

Unique item recommended for interior decoration.

■Gattai Fuku T-shirt Price:7,700 Yen

A toy package?.. it kinda looks like, doesn't it?

Originally, the so called Shokugan (candy toy) unique to Japanese culture, began as "toys that come with sweets", but we added our BEAMS touch by attaching clothing to the sweets (gum).

The T-shirt comes with "magic tapes", to which you can attach items such as pouches or pass cases.

The charm of this item is that it feels like a gadget customizable to your own preference.

■Paperglasses, Functional Eyeglasses 2 mm Thick!

Take a look at this pair of eyeglasses! Their thickness. Only 2 mm thick!

These eyeglasses are a product handmade by craftsmen from Paperglasses, a store specializing in eyeglasses in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, the world's largest producer of eyeglasses.

Thin, lightweight, and compact are their unique characteristics.

Convenient to carry around when folded, can be put in a book like a bookmark, and it even fit in a long wallet.

Their simple design is also a reason for their popularity.

Have won several awards in Japan and overseas, including the Good Design Award.

Plenty colors and shapes. Can be done on the same day. (It may take some time depending on the type of lens)

Whether as a pair of corrective glasses or a pair of reading glasses, these items are also popular overseas as a souvenir only available in Japan.

■Enjoy the Night in Shibuya from a Rooftop Garden.

As the conclusion of a grown up's day in Shibuya, I'd like to sit down and relax while enjoying the night view.

The perfect restaurant for those people is CÉ LA VI RESTAURANT & SKY BAR on the 18th floor of Tokyu Plaza Shibuya.

CÉ LA VI, which is expanding to various locations across the world, including Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, finally opened their first venue in Japan

They serve an array of modern Asian dishes, filled with passion and creativity, using fresh meats and vegetables, as well as seafood.

Enjoy an amazing full-blown time with the fantastic night view of Shibuya in a luxurious space.

How was it? Shibuya Tokyu Plaza sparking the playful spirit of the fully-fledged. Encounter a unique, different from the regular Shibuya here.

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