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Image provided by: meleap Inc.

As children, many of us may have admired the world of anime and video games where magic flies around.

"HADO" is a new sport that uses AR technology that allows you to actually perform magical tricks.

You can experience HADO close at hand at the global flagship store "HADO ARENA Odaiba" that has opened in Aqua City Odaiba.

Many people who play HADO are mainly young people who enjoy sports and games, and recently the number of families participating has been increasing!

This time, we had a chance to experience HADO in person.

HADO Experience

Image provided by: meleap Inc.

First, wear comfortable clothing to experience it. Then, by wearing a head-mounted display on your head and an arm sensor on your arm, HADO allows you to release a magical energy ball or a shield.

You can customize the parameters (energy ball and shield performance) on the arm sensor and plan on how to enhance your attack and defense.

The rules and controls are simple but strategic, and both children and adults can enjoy the game.

80 seconds per match may sound short but it's hard work because you have to use your whole body to move! After 80 seconds of full use of my head and body, I felt pleasantly fatigued afterwards.


Grand Stage

Image provided by: meleap Inc.

The grand stage is set to also feature streams by influencers and entertainers.

The energy balls will be projected in real time on a monitor at the venue, so you can enjoy a live performance and the intensity that is typical of HADO.

Also, people who are not at the venue can watch and support the games from all over the country through the live-streaming.

Original goods

Original goods are also available for purchase in the store, including T-shirts and clothing.

Head-mount sets that you use during the game are also available

HADO is a new sport that can be easily enjoyed by men and women of all ages.

It is currently operating in more than 30 countries around the world, and even a World Championship has been held 4 times.

Due to the impact of the New Coronavirus, since 2020 the championships have been held domestically, however for 2023 they seem to be aiming for the return of World Championships.

With its anime-inspired virtual fusion and intuitive action that transcends language barriers, it is sure to become an increasingly global sport in the years to come!

Store information:


Business hours: Weekdays: 14:00~22:00 Weekends and Holidays: 10:00~20:00

Location: 135-0091 Tokyo, Daiba, 1-7-1, Aqua City Odaiba, East building 5th floor

Access: 1 minute walk from Yurikamome Daiba Station, 6 minute walk from Rinkai Line Tokyo Teleport Station