The largest official ONE PIECE goods store in history, "ONE PIECE Straw Store".

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For more than 20 years "ONE PIECE" has attracted many fans around the world and the recently released movie has been a huge hit.
There is an official ONE PIECE goods store in Japan.
This time, we will visit the Ikebukuro store and introduce some popular goods.


It features a wide selection of official "ONE PIECE" merchandise, including goods that can only be purchased at the "Straw Store".

The store is also designed to give you a rich sense of the world of manga and anime.
The interior design differs from store to store, so you will want to visit all of them.

In the store you can also find an exhibition corner that displays character concept sketches used for the "ONE PIECE FILM RED" movie.

■Popular items' Top 3

Among the many goods available, here are three of the most popular products.

1. Navy Official Wanted Poster (660 yen, tax incl.)

This item is a copy of the characters' wanted poster that appear in the series. This is a classic at the "Straw Store" and has become very popular as a unique product from the series.
This A3 size poster can be easily displayed in your room.

2.One Piece Mugimugi Mugimugi Otedama (from 858 yen, tax incl.)

Characters from "ONE PIECE" are now available as adorable bean bag mascots!
There is a wide variety of characters, so you may find one you like.

Stack them up, display them, go out with them... there are many ways to use them.

3. "Yakara" metal badge: 21st bullet, SHINE (440 yen, tax incl.) *Random designs

ONE PIECE Straw Store's most popular product, the "Yakara" metal badges.
All the illustrations are orignal and new, so you'll can't wait until you open it to see which character you get!
This is a limited edition product of the "Straw Store".
There is a possibility of them being sold out.
The number of badges and the designs may vary depending on the bullet.

The "ONE PIECE Straw Store" features many limited-edition goods that can only be purchased at the Strawberry Store.

Just looking at the displays in the store is sure to be exciting, so if you are a "ONE PIECE" fan, be sure to visit!

*All prices are current to the time the article was written.

Store Information:ONE PIECE Straw Store Ikebukuro
Location: 2F ALPA, Sunshine City Specialty Store Mall, 3-1-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-6002 Japan
Business Hours:10:00~20:00(Same as Sunshine City)
Business Hours:10:00~20:00
Access: 3 min. walk from Higashi-Ikebukuro Station / 8 min. walk from Ikebukuro Station