【Popularity Ranking】 Refreshing! These are the beloved carbonated drinks in Japan!

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    • 2022-05-13

A carbonated beverage with an addictive, refreshing fizzy sensation.

The stimulating sensation and refreshing aftertaste are superb.

There is a wide variety of delicious carbonated beverages, including the classic "carbonated soft drinks (carbonated juice)" such as sweet and tasty cola and ginger ale, as well as soda water such as Wilkinson and Perrier, which have a strong carbonation.

Here are the most popular carbonated beverages among Japanese people, as determined by the "Minna no Ranking," a popularity poll website.


【Here's a ranking that includes both "I knew it" and "I didn't expect it!"】

 ※As of May 4, 2,561 people voted through "Minna no Ranking"

1: Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola)

2: Mitsuya Cider (Asahi)

3 : Ginger ale (Canada Dry)

4: Orangina (Suntory)

5: Calpis Soda (Calpis)

6 : C.C. Lemon (Suntory)

7 : Fanta Grape (Coca-Cola)

8: Oronamin C (Otsuka Pharmaceutical)

9: Match (Otsuka Foods)

10: Dr. Pepper (Coca-Cola)


【No. 1:Coca-Cola】

Said to be the representative of carbonated beverages, "Coca-Cola" has gained a large following.

Coca-Cola's strength is that it is popular among men and women of all ages.

I was in an athletic club in junior high school, and drinking Coca-Cola at the end of practice was the best.

It was as if I had endured the rigorous practice just for the pleasure of drinking Coca-Cola.

Even now, I often feel the urge to drink Coca-Cola.

Furthermore, Coca-Cola now plays a big role in cooking as well.

In cola-braised meats, the carbonation tenderizes the meat and the sweetener adds just the right amount of sweetness.

For culinary connoisseurs, Coca-Cola seems to be becoming a standard seasoning.

Coca-Cola has been a part of people's lives since ancient times.


【No. 2: Mitsuya Cider】

Mitsuya Cider originated in Japan, so its appeal lies in the fact that it caters to Japanese people's taste.

Its moderate sweetness and clear appearance fit Japanese preferences perfectly.

Mitsuya Cider is loved because it is a precious combination of history and innovation.

Its roots date back to 1884, when Mitsuya Hiranosui was first sold, and it became Mitsuya Cider in 1968.

For 140 years, it has been a part of Japanese people's daily lives.

As times have changed, Mitsuya Cider has gradually changed its flavor to meet the changing tastes of the Japanese people.

If you drink Mitsuya Cider, you will know what Japanese people like to taste in carbonated beverages today.

I hope that we can keep that stance.


【No. 3: Canada Dry Ginger Ale】

The spiciness of the ginger and the strong carbonation may be a bit harsh for children, but I personally find the carbonation irresistible.

It is a good beverage to drink with a meal, as it does not interfere with the taste of the food.

You can drink it as it is, but I think it is a great product for mixing with whiskey, beer, and other alcoholic beverages.

My recommendation is mixing it with "imo-shochu" (liquor distilled from sweet potatoes).

It will be a gem that adds both the flavorful spiciness and sweetness of ginger ale in moderation, without destroying the taste of the shochu. It is recommended for those who are tired of drinking it with hot water or water.

The lineup below no. 4 is also very appealing, so we hope you will compare various carbonated beverages when you visit Japan.

*"Minna no Ranking" is a ranking site created by counting the public's votes. By allowing anyone to vote, the site shows the true popularity of products and entertainment.