Keio Department Store : Perfect "Father's Day Gift" when you can't meet him in person!

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The Keio Department Store Shinjuku store has a selection of recommended products for "Father's Day" until Sunday, June 20th. On this year's Father's Day, we will introduce a "Present to give since you can't meet in person", a recommended gift that will convey your gratitude to your father.

Popular "Father's Day Meal" Keio Internet Shopping

"Father's Day Gozen" by a long-established restaurant that responds to the demand of those who would " give it as as a substitute for not being able to enjoy the meal together" is developed for the first time on the internet shopping.

・ Warabi - no-sato "Father's Day Banquet (TT- forty)" 4,320 yen (shipping fee included).

Plenty of time to drink at home! "Ippon" for fathers who love sake

Keio Net Shopping "Ippon : The Perfect Day to Drink Keio"

There is an original site for Japanese sake called "Ippou : Keio No Sakabiyori", which has a lineup of about ninety kinds of Japanese sake. You can search by price, region and type of taste as well as suggestions of dishes that go well with each other, and you can get a gift that matches your father's taste.

[Ippongi Kubo Honten] Denshinrin Junmai Daiginjo (seven hundred twenty ml) 2,750 yen

[Asahi Shuzo] Dassai Trial Set (one hundred eighty ml × three) 2,838 yen.

<Keio Department Store limited sales>
[Rihaku Shuzo] Rihaku Shinjuku Yakumo Junmai Daiginjo (720 ml) 2,750 yen

On each floor of the Shinjuku store, you can buy Keio Internet shopping

[Yamamoto Seaweed Shop]

Five cans of Father's Day Nori Chips (20 g x 5) 3,240 yen.
<Nakajikai Keio Noren Gai>

The back of the photo : A small piece of gold leaf on one side (one hundred ninety five cc) for 7,920 yen.
In front of the photo : A cup of gold leaf (ninety cc) for 5,390 yen each.
<Tableware and cooking utensils section on the sixth floor>.

[Kamiya Syndicate]
Double Beer Tumbler Diamond Cut Finish (370 cc) 8,800 yen.
<Tableware and cooking utensils section on the sixth floor>.

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Session : Currently Open - Sunday, June 20th
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