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In Arakawa-ku, a downtown area of Tokyo that flourished as a metalworking town, there is a store that produces handmade kitchen utensils for miniature dollhouses using copper, stainless steel, and other materials. We live in an age when 3D printers make it easy to create things, but even if they are visually the same, they feel different in weight when you hold them in your hands. Touch the elaborate equipment, see the world recreated, and create your own original miniature world.

We'll show you some spectacular kitchen equipment, utensils and recreated restaurants!

Recommended kitchen equipment①・・・Espresso machine

The main body is made by bending a single sheet of metal, and the steam nozzle moves left and right just like a real one. The filter holder is removable, complete, and more precise than the real thing, requiring approximately one week to assemble. The body comes in three colors and two sizes. 3-strand type (photo left) large - 44,000 yen, small - 33,000 yen, antique type (photo right) - 8,250 yen 

Recommended kitchen equipment②・・・Wood cooking stove

 This elaborately reproduced wood cooking stove, which is hard to believe to be a miniature, produces smoke from the chimney behind it when the door is opened and wood is put in to burn. The metal surface is coated with heat-resistant paint to ensure safety. The production time is one month, and the price is 180,000 yen.

Recommended cooking utensils ①・・・Rural pot, rice cooker

Among the many cooking utensils, we especially recommend the "Rural hot pot" (right picture). The surface of the pot is hammered out in one spot and has a wooden lid. A scene of a family sitting around the hearth and eating a one-pot meal comes to mind. 1 piece - 3,300 yen. Yukihira pot (center photo), 3,300 yen, the rice cooker has a top lid that opens and the pot inside can be removed. 1 piece - 7,480 yen

We'll recreate your store's world in miniature to your order!

 It takes one to two years after receiving a production order, but it is possible to reproduce the interior of a restaurant's kitchen and seating areas. Not only the equipment, but also the materials used in the restaurant menu are elaborately produced.

Some store owners who are closing their stores have asked us to recreate their stores in miniature with a sense of realism rather than in photographs as a memorial or memory.

Pizza&Bakery shop. The inside of the pizza oven at the back right is equipped with lights to reproduce a wood burning situation, and all the ingredients and wheat bags from the pizza shop are reproduced. 660,000 yen.

The kitchen of an Italian restaurant, down to the finest ingredients, has been recreated. The production period is more than one year, and the set with seating costs 2.2 million yen.

Message to Guests visiting Japan

I am very happy that my works are appreciated by guests visiting Japan, and that my works are placed in different countries, which means that my works travel all over the world, so I want people from various countries to come to the shop and see the actual work.

We also offer workshops for small groups of 2-3 people to make miniature Japanese ramen noodles (Reservation required, approx. 1 hour, 1,500 yen), I am not good at foreign languages, but I have translated texts for production, so please feel free to visit my shop in downtown Tokyo.

▲In the workroom surrounded by tools, the husband is in charge of the hardware, while his wife and daughter divide the rest of the work among the three members of the family.

Shop located in a corner of a residential area in downtown

■Mini Chuubouan Location and Nearest Station

   5-13-2 Nishiogu, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo

     Nearest station: JR Ueno Tokyo Line, Oku station, 10 minutes walk

           Toden Arakawa Line, Arakawa-Yuenchimae station, 5 minutes walk

     Business hours : 10:30-16:00  *Reservation required

     Closed : Saturday, Sunday and national holidays