The secret behind the label: Start the year 2022 with "Lucky Yebisu"!

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    • 2021-12-24

Only a week until 2022. Beer is a must for New Year's Eve dinner. When it comes to Japanese beer, many people think "Yebisu". However, did you know that there's a nice "lucky little joke" about Yebisu beer?

On the ordinary label, Yebisu sama is holding only one sea bream.

Yebisu sama, the character of Yebisu Beer is a symbol of good fortune. Normally, Yebisu sama holds only one sea bream, but look at the picture below. Isn't there another sea bream in the fish basket on the back left?

This Yebisu sama is a limited edition of the Yebisu beer bottles and is called "Lucky Yebisu".

It is said that only one out of every several hundred bottles of the Yebisu beer has this label with the hope that something lucky will happen to the person who comes across it. Let's bring in some luck this coming year with this "lucky" beer!