MIKI HOUSE gold label autumn/winter 2024, the fastest new product report!

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 Popular kids' clothing fashion brand MIKI HOUSE has announced new products for the fall and winter 2024 season.

The "Gold Label Vicuna x Baby Cashmere Series," which luxuriously uses the finest fibers from the vicuna, the "Queen of the Andes" can only be obtained in very small quantities, with other noteworthy new products also being offered.

Let's take a look at the recommended products right away!
Sweater from the Vicuna x Baby Cashmere series with excellent texture, feel, and luster

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For kids: Price: 968, 000 yen (including consumption tax, same as below) Size: 80 cm to 150 cm. There is also an adult version, which can be worn with parent-child coordination. For adults: Price 1, 430, 000 yen. Size: S, M, L All products of the vicuna series are not dyed, but are one color, light brown, which is their original color.

Lightweight and warm, scarf and hood to be worn as a set

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The scarves are extremely lightweight and warm, and can be used for many years. For kids: 616,000 yen, for adults: 968,000 yen. A hood is also available in the same series, which can be worn as a set with a scarf to enhance the fashionable look. Available in two sizes: S (46-52cm) and M (52-56cm). 418, 000 yen each.

Blanket that makes you feel the texture of the material on your whole body

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 Price: 1,650,000 yen, Size: 90cm x 90cm

Silk pajama series that are comfortable to the skin and can be worn safely by children with sensitive skin

▲(Left) Coverall type, (Right) Separate type silk pajamas series. Display: MIKI HOUSE 

This product was developed with the hope that "people will feel comfortable during sleep, at a time of constant contact with the skin," and is made of a satin fabric that has a smooth and slick texture. Silk is usually susceptible to rubbing and cannot be easily washed at home, however, this series can be washed at home as long as you provide hand-wash care. Products are available in two types, one is a coverall type for babies and the other is a separate type.

Coverall type Price: 132,000 yen  Size: S : (70-80cm), M: (80-90cm). Separate type: A set with the top and the bottom 165,000 yen Size: 80cm -130cm.

Both overalls and separate types are available in one color only, blue.

We also offer specialized store creation in the form of a salon style throughout the store.

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▲Display: MIKI HOUSE

We offer customers a relaxed shopping experience with an atmosphere that is appropriate for the value of our products, such as by setting up a VIP room where we can provide the hospitality that only MIKI HOUSE can offer through consultative customer service.

Regarding the purchase of each item
Products of the vicuna x baby cashmere series are expected to debut in August. In addition, because vicuna is extremely rare, the products will be available in small quantities and at a limited number of stores.

The silk pajama series is already on sale and can be purchased on the MIKI HOUSE online store and at select limited stores, such as the Ginza Mitsukoshi store, Shinjuku Takashimaya store, and Hankyu Umeda store

For details, please check the MIKI HOUSE official website.