Blue Label Crestbridge Autumn/Winter 2022 overall collection

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    • 2022-11-29

 Blue Label is a popular brand of cute and original checkered items. In this post, we present the Blue Label Crestbridge autumn/winter 2022 collection, highly regarded every year.

 As well as items in this year's trendy colour of green, the collection also features design and functional items such as dresses and trench coats that are easy to dress up or down.

Trend colour of the year: stylish green!

  Green is a popular colour this autumn.

 Pink checkers were in style for popular coats and dresses, but this winter, checkers with the trendy colour green are on the rise. Pink is also pretty, but green has a classic feel that is perfect for winter.

  This dress in green is our most recommended item .

 The crest bridge checkers visible from the sides of the body add a glamorous touch and can be enjoyed in a cute and fashionable way♡ 

Dress ¥41,800 (tax incl.) Short boots ¥48,400 (tax incl.)

Mini tote ¥31,900 (tax incl.) Wool beret ¥9,900 (tax incl.)

The dress is co-ordinated with a matching checkered bag.

■When it comes to blue labels, this checker

Red and black plaid skirts are typical of Blue Label. It can be worn as a checker-on-checker dress.

 Black gives a cool impression, while white gives a gentle impression. Personally, my favourite combination is a white knit with a round silhouette and this skirt.

Skirt ¥28,600 (incl. tax) Harajuku flagship shop limited colour Knitwear ¥26,400 (incl. tax)

Bag ¥20,900 (incl. tax) Wool cassock ¥12,100 (incl. tax)

Eco-conscious trench coat with design and functionality.  

The classic trench coat is reborn this season.

 The new, lightweight trench coat has been updated with a design that focuses on comfort and environmentally friendly materials, while maintaining the authentic specifications.

Gussets under the sleeves make it easy to move the arms.

Coat ¥83,600

With a stone beige checkered liner, it can be used thoroughly during winter.

 The warmth retention is perfect.

 The coat is made from plant-derived raw materials for the buckles and buttons to create a new future for the action of wearing the coat, with an emphasis on materials that have a smaller environmental impact.

New autumn/winter capsule collection "Blue Lab: ezumi".

Also check out the new Ezumi's pick up full range of easy-to-wear designs~.

Retro-inspired tweed patterned knitwear and leg-lengthening wrap trousers, perfect to match office clohing!

Knitted Jacquard waistcoat set ¥30,800 (incl. tax) Pants ¥25,300 (incl. tax)

Short boots ¥48,400 (tax incl.) Backpack ¥29,700 (tax incl.)

 Crestbridge check belt is the key.

 We have introduced some items that you should definitely incorporate this autumn/winter. What is your favourite outfit? If you are a tourist from overseas, you can get duty-free with purchases of over 5,000 yen at the shop.