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 The birthplace of Japanese subculture, Akihabara is home to many stores selling plastic models and figures from popular media content. But when it comes to highly praised original content series, Kotobukiya Akihabara Store offers a wide selection of products. The store offers a wide variety of limited-edition products that can only be found in this store. It is also a store you can enjoy for their impressive product displays, performances in the style of popular works, wallpapers and posters making it easy to picture the scenes, etc.

Let's take a look at some recommended products!

Product recommendation ① ・・・ Madoka Yuki (TOUOU HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER CLOTHES)

 From the popular plastic model series "SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN", innocent and naive character "Madoka Yuki" is released in a summer clothes edition. Change her hairstyle according to your mood of the day, and paint her however you wish, to make your very own "Madoka Yuki". Beloved illustrator En Morikura is responsible for the character design and packaging artwork.

▲With few parts, assembly is a breeze. One model 6,600 Yen (tax incl.)  Source: KOTOBUKIYA CO., LTD.

Product recommendation ② ・・・ Also popular abroad: The Hexa Gear-series

 The picture shows GOVERNOR IGNITE SPARTAN (knight) and Hexa Gear SIEG SPRINGER (cavalry). Increase the excitement by collecting the set. And if you collect the parts needed to create the Hexa Gear-series military base as well, you can enjoy staging an even more immersive world.

▲GOVERNOR IGNITE SPARTAN (right) ・・ 3,850 Yen (tax incl.), Hexa Gear SIEG SPRINGER ・・ 4,950 Yen (tax incl.)   Source: KOTOBUKIYA CO., LTD.

Product recommendation ③ ・・・ END OF HEROES ZOMBINOIDS "AGONY" & "BITER"

 A series that lets you reenact a scene from a zombie movie. The bodies of the plastic models are jointed in 30 places so you can enjoy various poses, and effects resembling puddles of blood are also included, for a highly authentic experience.

 By collecting zombie comrades, gathering parts and accessories for creating scenes, and painting them to your liking, you can construct a zombie movie world overflowing with originality.

▲ZOMBINOID AGONY ・・ 2,310 Yen (tax incl.)  Source: KOTOBUKIYA CO., LTD.

A sales floor that showcases the world of each series, making it easy to shop

 The store is furnished with sample exhibits of figures and plastic models in showcases for each of the series. Related products such as button badges are also on display, livening up the sales floor.

▲The display for "SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN" is also a photo spot.    Source: KOTOBUKIYA CO., LTD.

■Don't miss the fun-filled experiences in the Event Space!

 The Event Space is stage to writer talks and plastic model demonstrations, with the theme of the character goods exhibition changing regularly. Entry and participation is free of charge, and photography is freely allowed, so you can become knowledgable of each of the series, and even just watching is fun.

▲Event Space ・・・ A diorama exhibition of an amphitheater work with zombinoids, created by WildRiver Naoto Arakawa. Source: KOTOBUKIYA CO., LTD.

▲Event Space ・・・ Event atmosphere  Source: KOTOBUKIYA CO., LTD.

A message to our guests from overseas

 We put even more effort into our displays than other stores. Please take a look at, experience and enjoy the worlds and productions of plastic models and figures on the sales area of each floor, and take home with you an everlasting memory of Japan.

▲The board on the store facade changes with events and products on sale. Source: KOTOBUKIYA CO., LTD.

■KOTOBUKIYA Akihabara Store, location & contact information

     Okajima building, 1-8-8 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo


   Opening hours: Whole store 12:00-20:00

Please confirm with the store, as opening hours may change according to circumstances.

   Closed: Irregular holidays

   Nearest station: 5 minutes walk from Akihabara station on JR lines and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line