Artistical montblanc made by chef who trained in Paris ~Masahiko Ozumi Paris

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    • 2023-04-02

After diligently studying in Paris, a talented 30-year-old owner chef Ozumi opens his store in Osaka, serving western dessert as a piece of art. We will introduce you to this gem you may haven't experienced yet, beautiful to look at and tasty to flavor.

■Montblanc Noir (also known as Zabton Mont Blanc) \900 (Tax included)

The first amazing thing is the design of the montblanc, appearing to be knitted with wool, drawing attention on wondering how it was prepared. And then, you can enjoy 5 different flavors. On the top, soft chocolate mousse, and 4 layers of flavors inside of it, such as mont blanc mousse, and the milk chocolate ganache, among other flavors, the moderated sweetness taste is superb. There are other montblanc flavors, such as mango, and strawberry, with the same design.

■Poire Cheesecake \900 (Tax included)

A very cute bag-shaped cheesecake mousse, made with rich cream cheese and pear compote, composed of 2 layers. The fluffy texture is delicious, and there is chocolate cheesecake flavor, in the same bag shape.
The store is close to Osaka station; you can only buy one montblanc or cheesecake per person, but they also have other baked goods such as financiers and sables.

▲In the photo, there is a queue only inside the store. However, there is also usually a queue outside the store as well! Please go to the store prepared to queue.

■Store information

Address: Osaka City, Chuo Ward, Oote doori 2-4-8

Business Hours: 10:00-19:00

Closed on: Wednesdays