You can enjoy Thailand in Osaka such as at "Centara Grand Hotel Osaka"!~ Namba Park South

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▲Image source: Centara Grand Hotel Osaka

Namba is a popular downtown area in Osaka, connected by a single train from Kansai International Airport. A new commercial complex, "Namba Parks South", has opened in this area. The facility features two hotels, including the Centara Grand Hotel Osaka, a luxury hotel in Thailand, which is making its first appearance in Japan, a rooftop restaurant 130 m above ground level, and the global flagship restaurant of the popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant "Kura Sushi", bringing the total number of restaurants to 13.

Let's take a quick look at some of the recommended features!
■Enjoy a taste of Thailand at the Centara Grand Hotel Osaka, the first luxury hotel in Thailand to open in Japan!
"Centara Grand Hotel Osaka" is a luxury hotel of the Centara Hotels & Resorts Group, which operates more than 90 hotels worldwide, mainly in Thailand. It offers a fresh value experience created by the fusion of Thai and Japanese beauty and culture, with 515 guest rooms, an authentic Thai spa, eight restaurants and bars ranging from casual to high-end, Thai cuisine, outdoor space and a rooftop restaurant, you can truly enjoy Thailand in Japan.

・Enjoy Thailand to the fullest ① Spa Cenvaree, where you can pamper your body and mind with traditional Thai treatments that are the ultimate in luxury.

▲Spa interior design inspired by the transparency and freshness of Japanese sweets Image source: Centara Grand Hotel Osaka

Spa Cenvaree is a luxury spa that boasts traditional Thai treatments and has won three international awards for its spas abroad. Bringing in beds for Thai massage and quality herbs and aromatic oils sourced from Thailand, the therapists' excellent techniques and the unique healing powers of the Thai tradition make for a wonderful experience.
You can also look forward to a menu offered exclusively at this spa and treatment rooms for couples.

Enjoy Thailand to the fullest ② "Suan Bua" for authentic Thai cuisine and "Embassy of Crab" for seafood

A typical Thai vehicle, the tuk-tuk, is on display in the shop front of "Suan Bua".

 Enjoy casual dining at "Suan Bua", an authentic Thai restaurant with chefs from Thailand, and "Embassy of Crab", where you can enjoy a wide variety of crab dishes and fresh seafood The interior design of the two restaurants is inspired by Thai night markets, street stalls and crab markets. The interior design of the two restaurants is inspired by Thai night markets, street stalls and crab markets, making you feel like you are in Thailand.

▲Seafood signature dishes at "Embassy of Crab" Image source: Centara Grand Hotel Osaka.

Enjoy Thailand to the fullest ③ It's hard to believe you're in Osaka here - the top-floor rooftop restaurant, "Crudo Deck"

▲Image source: Centara Grand Hotel Osaka

 At 130 metres above ground, one of the highest in the country, you can enjoy the view of the Osaka cityscape while enjoying the chef's special dishes and drinks. You can feel the breeze, and when the plants and lights turn a little pink, you can immerse yourself in an Asian feel, which is very liberating and makes your love story with your significant other even more exciting. This is one of the must-visit places in the hotel.

▲Interior design of the museum inspired by the fusion of Thai and Japanese cultures.

■You can enjoy sushi and ramen, two of Japan's most popular foods.
Both the sushi and ramen restaurants originated in Osaka. The sushi restaurant is a Japan culture-oriented restaurant, with a Japanese modern interior design inspired by Japanese 'festivals' at the "Kura Sushi Global Flagship Store". The ramen shop "Kappa Ramen Honpo" serves tonkotsu soup in a choice of flavors and noodle hardness, with an unforgettable taste.

Image source: kurazushi co.

■Message to visiting guests
Please enjoy experiences that were previously unavailable in the Namba area, such as "luxury hotel with a taste of Thailand", "rooftop restaurant 130 m above ground level" and "Japanese cultural experiences such as sushi and ramen shops inspired by Japanese harmony and public baths", which can only be found here in the Namba area!

▲Image source: Namba Parks South operator

■Namba Parks South   
  Address: 2-11-50, Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka