Shu Uemura, SHISEIDO, SNIDEL BEAUTY...3 selections of Christmas coffrets for 2022

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The holiday season has finally started, and each company has started selling their Christmas coffrets. This time we will introduce you the products to be released in November from 3 remarkable brands, SHISEIDO, Shu Uemura, and SNIDEL BEAUTY.

◾️With love in every fold. "SHISEIDO" Holiday Collection that makes your heart flutter with ORIGAMI

From November 1st 2022, Shiseido will be selling in limited quantities its 2022 AW Holiday Collection from "SHISEIDO", which is expanding to 88 countries and regions throughout the world.

The motif for this time's holiday collection is the Japanese traditional game origami. It is a collaboration with the origami artist Fuse Tomoko on the theme "FOLDED WITH LOVE".
With love in every fold, we will make your holiday season flutter with origami.

SHISEIDO Beauty Advent Calendar 2022

【Store-limited】 Isetan Shinjuku main store, Hankyu Umeda main store, and others 20,000yen (22,000yen incl tax)

This is a SHISEIDO original advent calendar in which each time you open one of the 24 boxes one by one, you will find a colorful eyeshadow, a lipstick, a special sized skincare product for you to spend happily every day of the countdown for Christmas.

Beauty kit to feel the difference, the set of serum and cream that create your ideal skin

1.Beauty kit for moisturized, glowing skin
  SHISEIDO Hydrating Set

 ・SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate Ⅲ
 <Serum> 50mL
 ・SHISEIDO Essential Energy Hydrating Cream
 <Cream> Limited size(30g)
 【Limited Quantity】 12,500 yen(13,750 yen incl tax)

2.Beauty kit for clear, smooth skin
  SHISEIDO Brightening Set
 ・SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate Ⅲ
 <Serum> 50mL
 ・SHISEIDO White Lucent Brightening Gel Cream(Quasi drug)
 <Medical whitening cream> Limited size(30g)
 【Limited Quantity】 13,500円(14,850 yen incl tax)

In addition to the products above, they also have SHISEIDO UL Firming Set and Wrinkle Smoothing Set for skin resilience as beauty kits.

■ Medicinal cream for winkles and whitening
 SHISEIDO Vital Perfection Wrinkle Lift Deep Retino White 5(Quasi drug)

【Limited Quantity】 13,400 yen(14,740 yen incl tax)

Shu Uemura x Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie Collection Part.1

Shu Uemura, the Tokyo-based makeup artist brand, has launched a collab cosmetics collection with "Sailor Moon," which continues to be loved until today even after marking its 30th anniversary. The first part of the collection will be available in limited quantities from Tuesday, November 1.

The products of Shu Uemura x Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie Collection Part .1

■ Moon Crisis Eye Palette(1 type) <7 limited colors / 2 regular colors>(Bottom one in the picture above )(9,900 yen incl tax)
■ Eternal Prism Eye Palette (1 type) <4 limited colors / 2 regular colors>(Upper one in the picture above)(7,700 yen incl tax)

(From the left)
■ Rouge Unlimited Kinu Satin <1 limited color / 1 regular color>(4,290 yen incl tax)
■ Rouge Unlimited Kinu Cream <1 limited color / 1 regular color>(4,400 yen incl tax)
■ Rouge Unlimited Amplified Lacquer <1 limited color / 1 regular color>(4,070 yen incl tax)

■ Ultim8∞ Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil
 150mL(5,500 yen incl tax) 450mL (13,750yen incl tax)

SNIDEL BEAUTY This year's exclusive holiday collection colored in pink

SNIDEL BEAUTY will launch its 2022 Holiday Pink Collection with three diffrent collections on Friday, November 16, 2022. We will now introduce the second one, which will also go on sale on November 16.

Released on 11/16(Wed) 2nd Collection SNIDEL Holiday Makeup Coffret 2022

With matching colors for your eyes and nails, the beauty coffret to meet your radiant self

SNIDEL Holiday Makeup Coffret 2022 01(Left)/02(Right)(6,930 yen incl tax)

Limited package decorated with a ribbon has the set of 3 items for your full makeup including the eyeliner and nail polish with matching colors and highlighter to brighten your face

01 Fresh and gorgeous pink set(Left)
Set contents|Glow Veil EX01, Sparkle Liner EX01, Glossy Polish EX05
02 Sexy and mature mauve pink set(Right)
Set contents|Glow Veil EX02, Sparkle Liner EX02, Glossy Polish EX06

New item ① SNIDEL Glow Veil
Airy highlight with soufflé formula

99% natural ingredients & can be washed off with soap

New item ② SNIDEL Sparkle Liner
Liquid pearl eyeliner

99% natural ingredients & can be washed off with soap

Existing item in limited colors ③ SNIDEL Glossy Polish

For Reservations and Sales 2nd Collection
Reservation start date: Friday, October 21, 2022
Pre-sale date: Wednesday, November 16, 2022 Reservation can only be made at SNIDEL BEAUTY's directly managed stores (from the opening hours of each facility) or from their official online store (from 10:00 am)

Many other brands have holiday collections and advent calendars. Why don’t you find your favorite to treat yourself?

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