Enjoy the Countdown to Christmas with an Advent Calendar!

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    • 2022-12-13

It's coming up to Advent calendar season this year! We are excited to see what products will be on sale every year. Here are four items from famous brands to family-friendly snacks.

1. SABON Holiday Collection 2022

First of all, we would like to introduce the advent calendar of SABON, a natural cosmetic brand from Israel.

Under the theme of "Untie the ribbon, and memories of happiness will overflow," this limited-edition collection is filled with nostalgia and sweet memories, gently created by a special fragrance just for this winter. This year's collection is also available in limited numbers, and is packed with a total of 24 popular items that will make you look forward to the Christmas holiday season.

The mini size allows you to try out a variety of products. How about relaxing after a long year with fragrant body and hair care products?

Available in Stores/On Official Online Site \19,800(included Tax) 

2. Swarovski 2022 Advent Calendar

Next up is an advent calendar filled with gorgeous crystal gifts from Swarovski, famous for its crystal jewelry.

The 25 figurines, ornaments, and other crystal lifestyle products are contained in the brand's iconic octagonal case. It also includes limited edition items that are only available in this advent calendar. The Christmas-colored green box is a perfect complement to the crystals. What a lovely way to count down the days with crystals!

Available Only at the Swarovski Online Store \115,500 (included Tax)

3. YSL Advent Calendar

Following is Yves Saint Laurent's 2022 Advent Calendar. Upon opening the calendar door, you will find a drawer with 24 of YSL's popular makeup, skincare, and fragrance products, including all YSL's popular fragrance series to try, as well as the actual sizes of popular lipsticks and even products not yet released in Japan. Why not find your favorite fragrance?

Limited quantities available at the official online boutique/Omotesando flagship boutique \59,400(included Tax)

4. “Shiroi Koibito” IHIYA Merry Calendar

Lastly, an advent calendar from Ishiya Confectionery, the "Shiroi Koibito" brand of Hokkaido souvenirs. In addition to "Shiroi Koibito," you can enjoy a variety of other sweets. The design of Santa Claus and his merry friends is cute and reasonably priced, making it a very popular product every year. Why don't you enjoy the countdown to Christmas with your family while enjoying the sweets?

Official Online Store ¥1,749(included Tax)

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