Advice on clothes that suit you based on body shape and color diagnosis with GU Marronniergate Ginza Store

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    • 2023-01-16

GU, a popular brand offering trendy items at low prices, has opened three new stores that embody the brand message "YOUR FREEDOM".
This time, we introduce the Marronniergate Ginza store, which message is "the kindest and most convenient GU ever. A total of 50 GU Osharista, GU's "fashion advisors," are on deck to offer personalized coordinates to each customer.

■Experiencing "Osharista" personal coordination

Japan Shopping Now editor experienced personal coordination by "Osharista", GU's fashion advisor.

She did personal color and body type analysis for us.

Answering the questions like "When you get sunburned, it either turns red and back to normal or absorbs and gets darker", and "thickness of the shoulder and bone joints of the hands", you can consult with the things dificult to check by yourself.


The available staff can assist shoppers in multiple languages, (English, Chinese, and Korean) with illustrated pamphlets as well.

As a result of the analysis, I was "Yellow base autumn" face type, and body type"straight".

She suggested me 3 outfits based on my results.

1. Outfit with Jacket, suited for the office

Double-breasted blazer ¥4,990 (tax incl.)
Soft rib turtle neck T shirt ¥990 (tax incl.)
Side slit tight medium skirt ¥1990 (tax incl.)
Ultra stretch heeled boots ¥2990 (tax incl.)

Outfit with casual atmosphere, bright yellow skirt and navy blazer with gold buttons.

2.Casual outfit with cute orange plaid

2-WAY cropped cardigan ¥2490 (tax incl.)
Sheer high neck T shirt ¥1490 (tax incl.)
Cut and sawn flared slack pants ¥1990 (tax incl.)
Platform bit loafers ¥2990 (tax incl.)
Square mini shoulder bag ¥2490 (tax incl.)

Casual outfit with elegant silhouette, pretty orange plaid cardigan.

3. Elegant outfit for hangout

Rib high neck sweater ¥1990 (tax incl.)
Rib knit skirt ¥1990 (tax incl.)
Knit melton collarless coat ¥5990 (tax incl.)
Boston mini shoulder bag ¥2490 (tax incl.)

Matured date style, chic brown sweater with simple collarless coat.

■characteristics of the floor

One of the highlights of the Ginza store is the well-stocked shoe corner. It offers a full lineup of shoes, including special sizes available only in the online store.
In addition, the store has staff members who are certified shoe fitters, so you can consult with them about total coordination of your entire body, down to your feet. (Please check the days when the staff holding the shoe fitter certification is in the store.)


Especially hot-selling are the ultra stretch heel boots, which are soft and comfortable to wear. They do not tire easily even when you walk a lot, and the design matches a wide range of styling.
Other popular items include pumps and real leather shoes for commuting.

A wide variety of items from the "CHIC & CITY" collection, a beautiful collection for adult women, are also available.
The store is divided into sections according to style, making it easy to find items in the desired style.

How was it?
The "GU Marronniergate Ginza Store" was a store where you can enjoy a fulfilling shopping experience with a wide selection of products and customer service to suit your needs!

The Ginza store has about 30 foreign-language speaking staff, and all GU stores offer a discount service called "Passport Discount," so we encourage overseas visitors to check it out.

Store information: GU Marronniergate Ginza Store
Adress: Marronniergate Ginza2,3-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 5th floor
Opening hours :weekdays : 11:00-21:00 weekends, holidays : 11:00-21:00