Follow the rabbit and open the door... "Alice in Wonderland" concept store "Alice on Wednesday"

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We would like to introduce "Alice on Wednesday Tokyo," a store offering confections, accessories, and sundries themed on the world of "Alice in Wonderland".

Harajuku, Tokyo. A blue three-story building suddenly appeared here. There are many doors on the walls, but in the middle there is a tiny door... It seems as if this is the entrance to the world of Wonderland.

Once inside, each floor of the store is a fantastical space based on the three mysterious themes: "The White Queen's Kitchen," "The Red Queen's Court," and "The Hatter's Atelier".

A space full of mysterious designs that make you want to take pictures

From the walls to the pillars, the store is brimming with the world of Alice in Wonderland. No matter where you take your pictures, each one will give you a photogenic result showing the atmosphere of the story. Highly recommended for fans of Alice or those who want to take cute pictures!

The area between the first and second floors is adorned with the Caterpillar on a mushroom.

The Queen loves the color red ♪ Getting lost in the rose-bedecked world of "The Red Queen's Court".

On the second floor, there is a red heart-shaped chair where you can sit and have your picture taken, feeling like the red queen of the story.

The wall of the staircase going up from the second floor to the third floor, is lined with various framed pictures from "Alice in Wonderland".

■A wide selection of popular Alice in Wonderland goods

There are lots of products, including classic sweets, Alice goods, fashion items, and more.

"The White Queen's Kitchen" on the first floor offers cookies, popcorn, and other original sweets.

"The Red Queen's Court" on the second floor is full of accessories and other items featuring Alice, the rabbit, the playing card guards, and other characters. With most of them being around 600 yen, you are sure to find your favorite product.

"The Hatter's Atelier" on the third floor has many sundry items such as watches, bags, etc. ♪ Don't miss the original and limited edition products.

Top three fan-favorite items

Three of the most popular items for Alice fans!

The most recommended is the "Drink Me Mini Cider", which is inspired by the mysterious drink in the story that makes you smaller when you drink it. It's a sizzling carbonated drink. But don't worry, drinking it will not make you smaller. 🎶

【Alice on Wednesday】 DrinkMe Mini Cider Price: 330 yen 

Next is a set of playing cards with an original "Alice on Wednesday" design. These fun-filled cards feature hidden characters, and when you hold them up to the light, they become transparent like stained glass!

"Alice on Wednesday" Playing cards Price: 1,100 yen

Making rainy days fun, the Wonderland stained glass-patterned long umbrellas are also very popular.

"Alice on Wednesday" Vinyl printed umbrella Price: 1,100 yen

The exciting space like a theme park of wonders was overwhelming. Please come visit Alice on Wednesday Tokyo when you are in Tokyo.

Store Information:

Alice on Wednesday Tokyo

Kanon Building, 6-28-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Opening hours: 11:00 - 20:00 Open all year round (except year-end and New Year holidays)

*Opening hours may in some cases be shortened depending on the situation.