A world of cookie tin can art ~Osaka・Tower of the Sun Confectionery shop

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    • 2023-04-30

Cookie tin cans are booming in Japan. Happiness blooms when you see the design of the tin can and the cookies in it, when opening the tin can. We visited a popular cookie tin can shop and we will introduce the sweets other than cookies. During the interview, the store's goods displayed and interior were wonderful, and just being in the store gave us a happy feel. The shop is located one station away from Osaka Station by train.

■Elegant cookie tin cans drawn by an illustrator Tower of the Sun Confectionary shop

Not only the exterior design of the can, but also its interior is covered with a pretty sheeting paper. Each large cookie is hand-made, giving it an elegant perspective. The store female owner's thought of, "I wanted something...unlikely to exist in the cookie world!" is given life, from on how the store is decorated and its miscellaneous goods. Would you like to spend a relaxing time enjoying fresh sweets and coffee in a gracious space?

Popular Taiyouno Kankan shiro NO2 3,800 yen (Prices below include consumption tax)

The tin can, which is based on the idea of a white world, contains more than 20 cookies of 11 flavors, such as plain and cocoa-flavored cookies in the shape of a cat in the center, granola and lemon meringue-flavored cookies. Earl Gray flavored cookies are especially recommended. A positive detail is that no food preservatives are used, being perfect as souvenirs to be taken overseas, and the expiration date is of 40 days.

・ Taiyounokankan with cool hand shaped cookie kuroNO3 3,800 yen

The tin can, which has the image of a black world, contains 11 types of cookies, including hand-shaped cocoa and plain cookies, lemon chocolate, and chocolate nut, etc. When you open the can, there is a feeling of excitement, and each contain a card and a coaster, giving you a feel of ''break time''.

・ Very sophisticated pastry Swan cake 714 yen

A cake, with emphasis on its visual impact, and a freshness and custard that takes you to the royal road. The whipped cream is moderately sweet, and the swan feathers are made of meringue, with strawberries inside. It is very delicious when eaten with meringue.

▲ There are cookie tin cans in the back of the store, and miscellaneous goods on the table in front. There is also a dining area in front of it.

Information from the shop
Cookie cans can be purchased online, however the waiting period is of one month, and it is relatively easier to purchase at stores. The shop have stationery, accessories and 10 to 20 kinds of miscellaneous goods with the idea that "I will find something when you go there". Also enjoy the interior design of the shop.

Shop location
1-4-19 Nakazaki, Kita Ward, Osaka City
     ※There is also a cafe shop nearby, so please make sure to head the right way.