Nadaman opens udon specialty restaurant - Kyoto Minamiza Nadaman Chaya

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    • 2024-06-11

 Nadaman, a long-established ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant), has opened its first restaurant specializing in udon noodles using its own special dashi broth. The restaurant is located in a corner of Minamiza, a Kabuki performance theater in the central district of Kyoto, and is easily accessible.

 Let's take a look at the recommended menu!
■Recommended Udon (1)・・・Seasonal menu Cold Tantan Inaniwa Udon Noodles 1,980 yen (including consumption tax, same as below)

 It is udon noodles with a rich sesame, Tantan flavor. The slightly spicy flavor is a perfect match for the firm udon noodles! The refreshing lettuce and tomato coloring will also stimulate your appetite.

Recommended Udon (2)・・・Most popular! Nama Yuba Kakitama Inaniwa Udon Noodles 1,760 yen

▲Image source: Nadaman

It is a popular menu item that uses Kyoto-style fresh yuba leaves, eggs, and smooth-textured Inaniwa udon noodles in a broth prepared over a three-day period. Add green onions, ginger, or sesame seeds as you like to change the flavor.

Recommended Udon (3)・・・ Inaniwa Udon Suki filled with a variety of ingredients, 3,080 yen

▲Image source: Nadaman

It is a luxurious udon with many ingredients such as prawns, clams, herring simmered in sweet sauce, nama-fu, yuba, shiitake mushrooms, etc. There are very few udon menus that allow you to enjoy the taste of various ingredients together with udon, and although it is a warm dish, it is a great choice for both summer and winter.

■Recommended Side Dish・・・ Kakiage Of Small Shrimp 330 yen

 A recommended side dish other than udon noodles is Kakiage of small shrimp with red ginger as an accent. The crispy, freshly fried tempura goes perfectly with soft udon noodles. Other popular dishes include Chicken Tempura made with chicken from Kyoto and Kitsune Inari made with Kyoto's famous fried bean curd.

■Message to Guests Visiting Japan
 Udon noodles are often served in bonito broth, but this restaurant uses a special frying fish broth with a strong sweet flavor. Tempura toppings are available to match the udon, and spices are also available so that you can customize your udon as you like it. The tableware is also changed to match each dish, so please enjoy the traditional patterns and colors of the tableware.

▲The restaurant is located in a corner of the Minamiza Theater, where kabuki performances are held, and is very atmospheric.

Store Location
   Address:2F West Lobby, Minami-za Theater, Shijo-Ohashi Higashizume, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
   Closest Station:Keihan Electric Railway Right next to Gion-Shijo Station
         Hankyu Railway 3 minutes walk from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station