A unprecedented photo experience for everyone loves cameras and photographs. "Shinjuku Kitamura Camera"

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    • 2020-11-19

■Photo: Satoshi Asakawa Secondhand Camera: 4257

"Shinjuku Kitamura Camera" was newly opened in Shinjuku, which is on e of the sacred ground for cameras last summer, is a specialty shop that offers a new lifestyle proposal related to photographs and cameras. We have over 6,000 items including cameras and lenses in total and they are displayed like in a museum, and the space attracts you with the largest stock quantity of cameras in the world. The shop has 7 floors in total from Basement 1st floor to 6th floor, and there are a variety of contents available to meet all the needs related to photographs such as a camera department, vintage salon centered products of Leica, service counter for repair or other support such as daily maintenance, BOOK LOUNGE where you can print photos and enjoy books with a cup of coffee, or an event space for photograph exhibitions.

■The only lens in the world

*All listed items and prices are as of the time of the interview.

Ample lineups

The 2nd floor for new cameras has almost all the new cameras in the market even though the floor is approximately 56㎡ and is not very large, and there are a plenty of stocks that you can actually touch and try compared to other electronics retail stores. The way of listing products and displays are carefully adjusted in centimeters. Also, our knowledgeable camera concierge will select recommended cameras according to your wish.

Tips for when purchasing a new camera at "Shinjuku Kitamura Camera”:

You can trade your current camera in and get a 10% raise in trade-in price if you purchase a new one at our store.

Book Lounge & Printing

■Photo: Satoshi Asakawa Book Lounge:4416

There is a book lounge on the 3rd floor. It would be great to have some coffee seeing a collection of photographs or taking your time for your own photobook. You can print out photos taken during your trip in Japan and enjoy making original retro-style photobooks. It takes less than an hour, why don't you try one as memory of Japan?

You can easily make your original photobooks from 900 yen per book. (tax excluded)

Leica/Vintage Camera

The 6th floor is a must-visit even if you are not a Leica lover since you can see the rare Leica cameras which is high in scarcity value, up close like in a museum on this floor.

■Displays of Leica products

Secondhand Cameras

There are over 5,000 secondhand cameras including Leica, Hasselblad, Nikon on the 4th floor. In particular, we have the largest numbers of film cameras and manual lenses in the world.

Regarding secondhand cameras, there are only high-quality cameras available since we purchased only well-preserved ones.

■Photo:Satoshi Asakawa Bool Lounge:4422

Products in all the buildings are subject to the tax exemption on each floor. There is no other discount but tax exemption, however, prices of ordinary products are relatively cheaper than other stores. Other camera retail stores may mainly give you some discounts through their point service, but there are more products with cheaper prices at our store because there is no discount through point service.

Knowledgeable concierges always stay at each floor. English and Mandarin Chinese are available.

Here is another new spot that you never miss to stop by when visiting Shinjuku after removal of the travel ban.

Shinjuku Kitamura Camera


3-26-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo