Mokofuwa (Soft and Fluffy) Items available this winter! Blue Label Crestbridge

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    • 2020-12-03

Girls love soft and fluffy items. In search of soft and fluffy items this winter, we came to the Blue Label / Black Label Crestbridge Harajuku Main Store which was opened on October.

Inside the store, there are many soft and fluffy items using our brand icon, Crestbridge Check. This time we will introduce soft and fluffy items, such as hats, bags, and accessories that girls would definitely love.

Chestbridge Check Casket for fashion coordination

Crestbrdige Check Mohair Brush Casket ¥12,100(tax incl.)

A casket with a crestbridge check and mohair texture. This item will surely be the key point for your fashion coordination in autumn and winter. This casket will wrap your head gently with moderate volume.

Crestbridge Check Mohair Tote Bag, perfect for coordination

A tote bag with crestbridge check using mohair, perfect for winter. It has a solid gusset and you can put many items inside. You can also hang it on your shoulder as it comes with a shoulder strap.

【Crestbridge Check Mohair Brush Tote Bag] ¥28,600(tax incl.) with beautiful shades.

Boa Mini Shouder Bag, suitable for adult-cute fashion coordination.

Crestbridge Check Boa Flap Mini Shoulder Bag ¥25,300(tax incl.)

The mature design and voluminous feel go well with adult-cute style. Perfect for a day out as though being mini in size, a long wallet will fit inside.

Fluffy Faux Fur, no-1 cute item for this winter!

Tippet using trendy faux fur. Feels good on the skin and the color is elegant as well. Behind the plain fur is the Crestbridge Check. (Sorry but the photo is not available) Crestbridge Checked Heart quilt pin is attached, glittering and cute. Suitable to wear together with our faux fur gloves.

[Fur Tippet] ¥11,000(tax incl.) [Fingerless Gloves]¥8,250(tax incl.)

How was it? Even if you don't really like fluffy outerwear and sweater with volume-effect, you can easily put on a hat, accessory or a bag to look fashionable. With soft and fluffy items you can survive the winter cute and warm. Be sure to visit Blue Label / Black Label Crestbridge Harajuku Main Store.

■Shop name : Blue Label / Black Label Crestbridge Harajuku Main Store

■Address: Sandow Harajuku Building 1st floor 6-16-18 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
■Business Hour :11:00~20:00 (*until 19:00 on Sundays) 

■Items: Wear, Accessories, Fashion Goods, Household Goods

■Brands: Blue Label Crestbridge, Black Label Crestbridge