What about getting a souvenir? Sake from an award-winning sake brewery in Japan/abroad is now available in aluminum cans~♪

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Sake is one of the delights of travel in Japan, and is very popular as a tourist souvenir.

However, sake is often sold in glass bottles, which are inconvenient to carry around and may not be suitable as a casual souvenir.

However, a product that will that changes the image of sake has been created. Surprisingly, a famous sake brewery that has won numerous awards in Japan and abroad, released its sake in 180 ml aluminum cans. It is easy to carry around and it's also great that there are various flavors to enjoy. As a new shape of sake, it will likely become a popular souvenir.

What is particular about the small sized aluminum can "KURA ONE"?

Transformed into a can with the same sake and label of the 720 ml bottles, the change in size alone is cute. Mr. Sawada, the founder of id10 Japan Co., Ltd., the company that launched the KURA ONE venture, he has studied the reasons why sake is chosen by international users through his experience of living abroad and conducting market research in over 30 countries and visiting all over Japan. Looking into the reasons why people couldn't get sake, even when they wanted to, he came up with the good and service called KURA ONE.

Our current releases consist of 21 famed types of sake, from 14 breweries nationwide.

Compared to glass bottles, cans have the advantage of being the freshest because they are sealed until you drink them. The wide aperture of the canmakes it easier to experience the aroma of sake.

Popular box recommendation for souvenirs
Gift set, including Japanese sake cups and glasses made by Japanese craftsmen are also very popular. Perfect for souvenirs~

(Set items can only be ordered online from KURA ONE and can be shipped directly to 100 countries, so you don't need to carry it with you.)

If you would like to get a single KURA ONE, please get it at places such as "Premium Sake Pub Gashue", a sake bar in Ueno, Tokyo, which is proactively accomodating foreigners. You can buy a sake glass and KURA ONE as a suvenior, for that store sells sake glass made in KIMOTO GLASSWSRE, which which are used by famous restaurants in Japan and abroad, from one piece.

Click here for details:

These 3 types of sake cups are produced with different materials, using traditional Japanese craftsmanship of "KURA ONE", which comes with sake.

Price: Domestic 8,360 yen (including tax) / Overseas 7,600 yen (excluding tax)

- Tin (Nousaku 90cc)

- Pottery (Shigaraki 90cc)

- Porcelain (Kutani ware 70cc)

This set allows you to enjoy the taste changes depending on the shape of the sake cup of "KURA ONE".

Price: Domestic 18,480 yen including tax / Overseas 16,800 yen excluding tax
Four types of sake cups made by Kimoto Glass, a brand which is also used in Michelin Guide restaurants in Japan and abroad.

- Hana (esStem01 160mL, suitable for Daiginjo with gorgeous aroma)

- Refreshing (esSlim01 120mL, goes well with junmai ginjo, that goes smoothly down one's throat, and sparkling sake)

- mellow (esRock01 100mL, goes well with the soft taste of old and unblended sake)

- Japanese style (Mai3small 110mL, all-purpose versatile glass)

Set to enjoy sake cups that change color like cherry blossoms, when you pour sake of "KURA ONE" into them.

Price: Domestic 5,940 yen including tax / Overseas 5,400 yen excluding tax

Marumo Takagi Pottery's sake cups change color depending on the temperature, attracting a great deal of attention in the media around the world.

- Cold cherry blossom flat cup pair set (70cc)

You can find out details about the sake you purchased, from the multilingual app or sake booklet

KURA ONE cans have "roman letters tasting chart", and are linked with the "multilingual app". In addition, those who purchase the "KURA ONE Sale Commemorative Special Edition" (Japan: 25,300 yen including tax, Overseas: 23,000 yen including tax, shipping fee not included, online purchase only) will receive a sake booklet as a set (in Japanese, English, French, traditional/simplified Chinese), this way you will get a chance to know about the brewery you purchased your sake from, and also get tips on sake pairing.

How about enjoying famed, award-winning breweries' sake at home?