You as the star of a masterpiece⁉ Introducing the alluring Immersive Museum TOKYO 2023!

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Wish I could visit and get into the world of my favorite paintings...

Immersive Museum TOKYO 2023's "Post Impressionism" is recommended for those who love paintings.

As the word "Immersive" suggests, this museum offers visitors the experience of diving into world of paintings.

Here, visitors can experience a new sense of art through the immersive pictures with special sound effects indoors, of world-famous works of art such as Van Gogh's, projected on the walls and floor.

Let us now take you into the world of paintings.

■Fresh experiential area visitors can immerse themselves in the works and worldview of the Post-Impressionists

In the main area, where the immersive video is played, visitors can view main "Post-Impressionist" art works, with Van Gogh, Gauguin, Seurat, and Cézanne as representative artists.

By incorporating "immersive" as well as "appreciative" elements, it naturally draws visitors into the world of art and allows them to experience a contrasting kind of enjoyment, rather than that offered by conventional art museums.

■AI Van Gogh draws your portrait - "Your Portrait by Vincent van Gogh".

In the interactive area "Your Portrait by Vincent van Gogh'',

AI Van Gogh paints portraits of visitors.

A portrait of Van Gogh himself and a blank canvas for guests are to side by side, and when guests sit on a chair in front of the portrait, a sensor recognizes their face and position, and Van Gogh's portrait begins to move, and then he begins to paint.

The colors start to pop on the white canvas's background, and as the colors overlap, the guest's image is gradually drawn up. The completed data can be saved to a cell phone or other device via a QR code.

*Experience is charged, being 500 yen per visit (tax included).

■Original Cafe & Gift shop "Immersive Museum Cafe" & Original Goods Area

After getting inspired by the exhibition watched, take a break at the Immersive Museum Cafe, shop with an original menu inspired by the Post-Impressionist works. In addition to cookies, chocolate, smoothies and cream sodas, the cafe offers a variety of photogenic sweets and drinks that are perfect for the season.

(Left) The Starry Night Marble Tea Latte (800 yen, including tax)

(right) Van Gogh's Sunflower Smoothie (900 yen, including tax)

The museum store also sells 17 original goods such as postcards, magnets, and pouches, so please enjoy the world of post-impressionism in this area as well!

Art panels "Sunflower", "The Starry Night," and "Sunday Afternoon on Grand Jatte Island" (990 yen, each tax included)

Mini towels "Sunflower" and "The Starry Night" (each one, tax included: 1,100 yen)

How about it? Enjoy the works of Post-Impressionism in a new immersive experience at the "Immersive Museum TOKYO 2023", a plus to the traditional art museum experience of glacing at and enjoying art.

Come and visit the "Immersive Museum TOKYO 2023"!

Event overview

Event name: Immersive Museum TOKYO 2023 "POST IMPRESSIONISM''
Period: July 7th, 2023 (Fri) - October 29th, 2023 (Sun)
Place: Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall (COREDO Muromachi 1-4F, 2-2-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)