【Fukuoka Mitsukoshi】<Labeille>Tenjin honey, limited to Fukuoka Mitsukoshi shop as new honey for 2023, released

Kyushu Fukuoka
Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
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The thick smooth texture and the spreading floral aroma are unique to freshly produced honey.

It is possible to enjoy tasting this honey only once a year, around this time of the year, and there are many fans of it.

Extracted from seasonal flowers such as rape blossoms that bloom as street plants and in parks around Tenjin, this precious mixed flower honey can only be purchased at the Labeille Fukuoka Mitsukoshi shop.

Its attractions are mellow sweetness and a full floral aroma.

Please enjoy the spreading floral aroma by generously spreading the honey on buttered toast or yogurt.

※Please do not give honey to children under one year old.

Product name: Fukuoka Tenjin honey

Price: (36g) 972 JPY・ (125g) 2,916 JPY・ (180g) 3,888 JPY

※Some products are limited in quantity, so please accept our apologies if the product that you would like is out of stock.
※All prices include the tax.

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