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【Hakata Limited Product】

<Shobou-An> Mentai Bouchee 5pcs.

1,350 yen (Unit 1,250 yen)

The combination of butter cream, mentaiko (seasoned cod roe), and cheese gives the biscuit a sweet and salty taste. This is Shobou-An's original bouchee. The smooth cream is sandwiched between two layers of moist dough, and a gentle taste fills your mouth.

【New Hakata Souvenir Proposal】

<Shobou-An>Mentai Bouchee 5pcs.

1,350 yen (Unit 1,250 yen)

Shelf life: 10 days at room temperature (including the day of manufacture)

This product is limited to Hakata, so please use it as a Hakata souvenir or a small gift.
The individually wrapped packages make it perfect for giving as a gift.

It can also be enjoyed chilled.
When eating it cold, melt the cream in your mouth as you taste it, and the flavors of mentaiko and cheese will expand even more.

※Please note that some items are in limited quantities and we apologize if we run out.
※All prices include tax.

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