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Covered Button Workshop MiSuZuYa
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【Passionate to support you, we offer "Custom-made" for “Oshi-katsu”】

Stay-home campaign and the coming of rainy season, surely make us feel gloomy. In such days, let's ''power charge'' by supporting your favorite idol and the character of that work! Each image color, member color, part of the costume・・・etc. The number of people who join the team by wearing something related to their favorite theme is increasing, but I believe there are some who can't find the right color, aren't there?

We would recommend custom-made covered buttons and rosettes.

You can choose the material and color from our stock with abundant variations, and you can also use your own material. The final product will have a fine-quality feel, so it will match the style of adults.

Covered buttons won't stand out badly in terms of their size. They would blend easily not only in work, but also in other communities as well.

Also, we would like to recommend rosette for you.

Why don't you enjoy our stylish and casual "Oshi-katsu", with your favorite symbol and member color ribbons?

Located at good distance from Akihabara, the best culture town in Japan, Torigoe, Okazu Yokocho is perfect for a walk. Why don't you come to your shop for a short visit when come for a walk to Akihabara?

You can check the beautiful colors and textures that cannot be made with ready-made products, and the unique quality of our specialty store.

If you have any questions or concerns about the original covered buttons & rosette, please contact us through the contact form or via message to our official SNS. Feel free to contact us.

【Making order at the store】

Please come to the store and tell us that you wish to get a custom-made product . We will ask you about the items you want to make, the purpose, size of the button, the fabric, etc. We accept both visitors with date and time reservations beforehand as well as those walking-in. Telephone (03-3864-1293)

Please contact us from the inquiry form.