~・Why not giving it a bite?・~ "Nibble without hesitation" for 5 kinds of seafood at Katahara Fishing Port,

Tokai Aichi
Aji no Yamasui Yamamoto Suisan
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Aichi Prefecture Gamagori city

Why not trying the fish beloved by locals?

Gamagori has a fishing port where fish of various depths are landed at the same time. Focusing on seafood that has been certified as "Doume- 10 fish selections" and "Gamagori select fish", we will sample 5 types of fish to be tasted with chopsticks and plates. It comes with explanations of Gamagori's delicious fish by a store manager who goes to the fish market 250 days a year or employee certified as local expert.

[Facility name]Aji no Yamasui Yamamoto Suisan

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