"KitKat Chocolatory" where you can make your own KitKat is available only here!!


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2021-04-01 11:30 - 2022-03-31 19:30
Miyashita Park South 2F

【Notice: This store was closed in October, 2022.】

~You can make your own KitKat only here around the world! ~

Why don't you go to "KitKat Chocolatory" in the new spot "Miyashita Park" in Shibuya, Tokyo?

Here, you can experience making your own unique "My KitKat" in the world,
by choosing from several types of chocolates, topping ingredients, and take-out boxes.

In addition, you can enjoy sweets such as original drinks and unique waffles at the cafe. You can also purchase "Premium KitKat" supervised by the top pastry chef "Yasumasa Takagi," which is particular about the materials and manufacturing method.


*As a measure against COVID-19 infection

At our shop, we ask customers to wear masks, disinfect with alcohol, and measure the temperature. Thank you for your cooperation.


【Experience Outline】

①Handmade KitKat experience

・The staff explains how to make and asks everyone to prepare for the experience such as hand disinfection.
・Choosing chocolates, toppings, and take-out boxes
・Making KitKat
・You can spend your time with something to drink at the cafe or shopping at the shop until the chocolate gets cold and solid.
・Ready to eat


Until it is completed, you can have a little break while having a cup of coffee ordered at the cafe or play the piano with "KitKat" design on the keyboard.

*The handmade "KitKat" experience includes a cup of coffee or tea.


Reservation: Required (Reservation is required from the URL below or at the store on the day)

*Please check the detail of reservation from the following URL.

URL for Reservation:https://kitkatchocolatory-miyashitapark.com/

Cancel policy: A cancellation procedure must be done on the website by 17:00 3 days prior your reservation date.


E-mail address:

Experience start time:11:30~ 13:30~ 15:30~ 17:30~ 19:30~

Experience fee:2,200yen(Tax included)with1drink

Duration:70min (Making time 30min, Refrigerating time 30min, Spare time 10min)

Acceptable number of people:Maximum 8 people per session

Interpretable languages:None

*English explanation board and order sheets are available. Please feel free to let us know.