【Participation fee is free! English available! Semiprivate guide tour.】


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Chuo City Tourist Information Center
Kanto Tokyo
2023-10-01 00:00 - 2023-10-29 00:00
Chuo City Tourist Information Center

The guide will show you around Chuo City according to the customer's request.

"I want to know the best Japanese sweets shops in Nihonbashi! I want to walk around the Tsukiji Outer Market!" Please contact your guide for more information!

【Event date】1st(Sun), 7th(Sat), 8th(Sun), 9th(Mon), 14th(Sat), 15th(Sun), 21st(Sat), 22th(Sun), 28th(Sat), 29th(Sun) October 2023

【Time】10:00~ 4:30PM  *Final reception is at 3:30PM.

【Required time】 within 60 minutes for 1 session

【Participation fee】 Free

【Number of participants】 1~6 people

【Language】Japanese, English ※English guided tour may not be available on some days.

【Reception location】 B1 floor of Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center

【Schedule for the day】 Please come to the special counter in front of Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center.

You can decide the course with your guide and depart as soon as you have made a decision!

Let's enjoy your special course with the guide explanation!

*After finishing the tour, please answer the simple questionnaire.


*This service is available only when a guide is on standby at Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center.

*If the guide is not available due to other customers, you may be asked to wait.

*Please provide your name and phone numuber when you apply for the tour in order to apply for free travel accident insurance. (Customers are not required to pay the insurance premium.)

*The tour will only visit the tourist spots in Chuo City. (We may not be able to visit some stores. Please ask and plan where to visit with your guide before starting.)

*The tour may be cancelled due to the circumstances of the day, weather condition or socila situation.

*The guide's extra expenses will also be borne by the customer if you are visiting places with entrance fee or transportation fee.

* The guide can stop the tour whenever they find any participant drunk, having purposes other than sightseeing or shopping, or not paying attention to the guide.

*When crowded, the guide cantake two or more groups together in one tour.

Please contact Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center (03-6262-6481) for more details.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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