【Nagoya Mitsukoshi】 Get 5% discount on shopping with the "Guest Card"!


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Tokai Aichi
Period of use
2023-08-23 10:00 - 2099-01-01 00:00
Place of use

We will issue the "Guest Card" to foreign visitors to Japan that allows you to shop at Isetan Mitsukoshi Group department stores in Japan with a 5% discount.

※ The Guest Card will be issued to the passport holder.

※ The Guest Card can only be used by the person himself/herself. Others cannot use it.

【Place of issue】

Nagoya Sakae Mitsukoshi 9th floor, Duty Free Counter

【Subject of issue】

Foreign visitors to Japan (Status of residence is short-term stay)

※ Customers who have a Japanese passport are not eligible for issuance.

【Payment method using Guest Card】

Cash/Credit card/Union pay card/Alipay+/WeChat Pay

※ Cards in the name of another person cannot be used.

※ Can only be used if the Guest Card, various payment methods, and passport name match the person making the purchase.

【Products Not Eligible for Discounts】

・ Products with a unit price of less than 3,000 yen

・ Products on sale

・ Expenses for food, restaurants, cafes, etc.

・ Service costs such as shipping, processing fees, and repair fees

・ Expenses for photo studios, beauty salons, barbershops, etc.

・ Expenses for various gift certificates, gold, silver, unprocessed metal, game consoles, etc.

・ Selected brands and products

※ Please ask the staff for details.


・ If the Guest Card, various payment methods (credit card, Union Pay card, Alipay+, WeChat Pay), and passport name match the person who made the purchase and meet the conditions for tax exemption, special treatment can be combined with duty-free service.

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