Consisting of three areas, Hokuriku, Central highlands and Tokai area, the Chubu region, literally “central part”, is located in the center of Japan’s largest island Honshu.
Hokuriku area is composed of Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui bordering the sea of Japan side, Central Highlands area is composed of Yamanashi, Nagano and Gifu, and Tokai area is consists of Shizuoka and Aichi bordering the Pacific Ocean.
In Chubu region, you can visit not only famous tourist spots such as Nagoya, Kanazawa, Karuzawa, Shirakawa-go and Mt. Fuji, but also enjoy full-scale mountain climbing in the Japanese Alps, fresh delicious seafood and Sake in Hokuriku, and long driving trip along the Pacific Ocean.
Welcome to Chubu, a easily accessible region from both Tokyo and Osaka!