Transportation / Communication

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Trains / Subways

Train tickets can be purchased through ticket machines located near ticket gates in each station. Japanese cash is required.
After checking your destination on a train map, deposit the necessary amount of cash. A ticket will be issued by pressing a button with the amount. If you take trains many times in a metropolitan area, one-day train ticket will be convenient.

Limited express trains

Tickets for Shinkansen or express trains to the airport can be purchased through vending machines or at the ticket office with staff. Credit card is also available.
The ticket office may be crowded, so it is recommended to have time to spare especially when purchasing express tickets to the airport.


Local buses are operated by various bus companies all over Japan, and the loading method or the payment method are different and quite complicated. Bus terminals or bus stops on the way are also difficult to find, so even Japanese people may miss their stop without attention. Especially in countryside, the number of buses is not many, so you have to wait for the next bus for a long time once you miss one. Please make sure to check bus stops and the schedule well in advance.
A shuttle bus service at the airport can be very convenient and comfortable since you can move to each local main stations from the airport with your large baggage, and there can be free Wi-Fi service or the outlet available on the bus.

Airport shuttle bus information all over Japan

Highway bus

Advanced reservations are required to use the highway bus when going to outlet malls or Mt. Fuji from Tokyo. Please note that buses especially from Shinjuku to Kawaguchi-lake area may be very crowded and often fully reserved.

Highway bus information all over Japan
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism


The riding capacity of taxis in Japan is generally four people. You can wait at taxi stops, or you can hands up to stop taxies if they are vacant. A vacant taxi has a "vacant" sign at the front with a roof light turned on. The fare is paid later, and the more and more taxies accept credit card payment, but it is better to ask the driver if credit cards are available before riding.

Rental car

As means of transportation to enjoy sightseeing or excursion in a local area, there is the growing use of the rental car. There are some requirements and of driving in Japan such as international driving license or age and rules for lending or returning, so it is necessary to look for detailed information well in advance. There are some rental car reservation websites available in multiple languages, so it is recommended to check conditions and make an advanced reservation.


Currently in Japan, the number of Internet connection service areas using public wireless LAN is rapidly increasing including airports, cafes, convenience stores, and tourism sites, and tourism is becoming more enjoyable in a more comfortable communication environment. On the other hand, some overseas carriers may be excluded from the service or there may be a limit of usage time. Please be noted.
In addition, Wi-Fi routers with fee are also popular, and there are rental services available at some places like airports, so check them out.

Free Wi-Fi spots all over Japan Japan Tourism Agency

Free Wi-Fi
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