Fragrance watches bring the smells of Japan to your wrist including sakura, matcha and ink

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    • 2022-08-19

Source: PR Times


'Sure your watch may look good, but does it smell good?' probably something that has never crossed your mind. But now that you’ve read it, we’re sure you’re intrigued.

Kaoru, a Japanese watch brand, have exactly the remedy for this very specific worry, as they specialise in ‘fragrance watches’. They’ve previously released some super cute Hello Kitty watches that smell like apple pie and strawberry among other scents, and now they’re showing some national pride with wristwatches that give off the various aromas of Japan.


There’s seven options to choose from, and not only do they smell nice, but these watches also have stylish designs.

The scent is held in the watch straps, and the unique manufacturing process is a joint effort involving Japanese scent specialists, rubber manufacturers and watch makers.

Each watch’s colour corresponds to the fragrance. There’s a pink sakura (cherry blossom) watch. Green for matcha (green tea). A white hinoki (Japanese cypress) watch.

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