5 Must-Try Vegan Sweets In Kyoto! From Matcha Pancakes To Chocolates

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Where to Eat Vegan Sweets and Snacks in Kyoto

Kyoto, considered by many the cultural capital of Japan, is also famous for its traditional and contemporary, cutting-edge sweets. Some of these delicacies are also plant-based and friendly for vegans. From classic wagashi paired with matcha or green tea to rich chocolate treats and silky-smooth gelato, there are many dairy and egg-free options in Kyoto to savor.

This article covers five sweet vegan options in Kyoto and where to enjoy them. They make the perfect snack or dessert to enjoy in the capital of tradition and culture.

1. Vegan Matcha Pancakes at AIN SOPH. Journey KYOTO

AIN SOPH. Journey KYOTO is famous for its all-vegan dishes that taste as great as they look. The location in Kyoto, nestled on a side street off of the Shinkyogoku shopping arcade close to Nishiki Market, offers decadent matcha pancakes that are gluten-free in addition to being vegan. The AIN SOPH. restaurant group has pancakes at its other locations in Tokyo, but the matcha selection is only in Kyoto.

The matcha pancakes (1,800 yen before tax) are gorgeously presented on a plate with berry sauce, whipped cream, ice cream, and red bean paste. The delicate flowers are edible. A delicious, silky-smooth white chocolate and matcha sauce covers the fluffy matcha-flavored pancakes. Try the gluten-free pancakes by themselves first and then add on the other toppings to enjoy a variety of flavors.

Crunchy granola on the side adds a tasty textural contrast to this ultimate dessert. The pancakes appear to be on the smaller side upon first glance, but the entire plate is quite satisfying. Make sure you are hungry enough or have a dining partner to share with.

Diners in the mood for something else can choose from an extensive menu of desserts and sweet drinks. Try seasonal parfaits––another Kyoto exclusive dessert option––or one of the rich, flavorful cakes. There are even cream sodas to try.

2. Raw Vegan Chocolate by Cacao Magi

Cacao Magic is a raw vegan chocolate specialty shop close to the World Heritage-designated Ginkakuji Temple. As its name suggests, the delicious chocolates here are spectacular.

All of the chocolate at Cacao Magic is organic and free of dairy ingredients, preservatives, and emulsifiers. Being raw, heat of more than 48℃ (118℉) is not used. Some nutrients are thought to be lost when food is heated past this temperature, so keeping the chocolate raw may provide a way to intake the healthful nutrition in chocolate, like antioxidant-containing polyphenols.

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