「Fukuoka shopping」Tenjin is the best shopping area in Kyushu Ⅱ

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The Tenjin Area within Fukuoka is the most vibrant part of Kyushu.

Department stores from all over Japan have set up various commercial facilities, and just about anyone and their mothers can enjoy the entire day shopping here.

Shops popular amongst tourists such as Don Quijote, Bic Camera, and Matsumoto Kiyoshi are easily accessible, and can be enjoyed in tandem with the shops mentioned below.


Iwataya Main Store: The department store that represents Kyushu

Iwataya’s Main Store is the most significant store in Fukuoka.

With a rich history that goes back to 1754, Iwataya has seen the Meiji Era go by, and in that period has transformed from a traditional Japanese clothing shop to a department store.

Iwataya’s Main Store in Tenjin spans an absolutely gargantuan 48,500m2 and boasts the highest sales in Kyushu.


Fukuoka Mitsukoshi: An oasis during travel

Fukuoka Mitsukoshi resides in Soraria Terminal, which is connected to a train station.

Many people use the department store as it is conveniently connected to a train station and a highway bus terminal, but it also garners popularity from having the first tax-free shop in Kyushu, ‘Fukuoka Duty Free Tenjin’.


Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin: Everything from brands to fresh foods

Daimaru Fukuoks Tenjin sticks to traditional department store principles, and everything from luxury brands to fresh foods is made available.

The field connecting the main wing and the east wing, ‘Passage Field’ aims to emulate 18th century French shopping districts.


PARCO Fukuoka: A monolith of fashion popular amongst the youth

PARCO Fukuoka made Tenjin as popular as it is today, and today has two wings: a main wing (station building) and a new wing.

The main wing spreads from the 1st floor of a station building to the 8th floor, and offers up 150 shops. The new wing covers 8 floors—from 2 underground floors to the 6th floor—and has a strong focus on fashion, with a selection of cafes and restaurants.


Soraria Plaza: A convenient building brimming with amenities

Along with having a strong lineup of clothing brands, a movie theatre, restaurants, a sports gym, and a hotel make this a very convenient department store with a bit of everything.

With a lot of shops designed with young people in mind, you can enjoy choosing amongst a smorgasbord of brands.

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