Tenjin is the best shopping area in Kyushu Ⅰ

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【Tenjin area】




The heart of Fukuoka city where department stores, fashion buildings, major banks, and office buildings are located next to one another on both sides of Watanabe-dori Main Street. Daimyo, Imaizumi and Kego area, which are within walking distance from Tenjin, are filled with individual shops, fancy cafes and hidaway restaurants. Why not stroll through the area while checking out your favorite shops.




This is the largest underground shopping area in Kyushu, built underground of Tenjin, stretching for 590 meters from the north to south of the downtown area. There are 12 avenues with 150 various shops of fashion, gourmet, books and more. 19th century European style flagstone floors and arabesque design ceilings decorate the underground space and they create a stylish and comfortable atmosphere.

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