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    • 2018-08-07


Today we went to Kintetsu Department Store to attend the Ice Cream Exposition, which is called (I-Paku)

Popular ice cream shops around Japan bring their most popular products to create a truly exciting event!


The venue is buzzing the entire day as a lot of people—mainly young women—come to eat ice cream.
As it's the Summer Holiday here in Japan, there are plenty of families as well.


Shops that are uncommon in Osaka are especially popular at I-Paku, as long lines of people excitedly wait to taste flavours only available in different prefectures.

Enjoying some cold ice cream inside the air conditioned department store provides a great way to survive the oppressively hot Japanese heat.


I was able to cool my entire body by chilling my stomach, and felt a lot better.

The event continues on to August 14, so I'd love to go again!

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