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Kuromon Ichiba (market) in Osaka predates modern Japan, as its origins can be traced back to 1822, when fish vendors assembled here to sell their produce. The market has since survived being burnt down by nature and man, standing proud as one of Japan’s most popular markets today.


Kuromon market offers a smorgasbord of fresh products, and it specializes in fresh fish. The market is located quite close to Nipponbashi, where fish was historically caught and brought to the market to be sold. Today, the market is bustling with foreign guests who want an authentic taste of Japan.


The market is set up in such a way that customers can examine the produce, and inspect the freshness of the fish. Foreign customers—who make up 90% of the market’s visitors—will also be delighted to hear that the descriptions of the produce are translated to make shopping more convenient.


On top of displaying the fish, some vendors will even cook the fish in front of you! You can watch skilled and experienced vendors prepare the produce before your very eyes.


In order to accommodate the influx of foreign guests, Kuromon market has made various adaptations. Along with translated descriptions of products at various stores, there are also currency exchange stations, information centers, and eating spaces dotted throughout the market.


Though thousands of people make their way through Kuromon Market every day, cleanliness is still prioritized. Custodians patrol the market to make sure that the place looks impeccable.


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