See Mount fuji swing into view at the Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway Park

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    • 東海
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    • 2021-11-18

Source: PR Times


A few months back we introduced the Kawaguchiko – Mt. Fuji Panorama Ropeway Mountaintop Square and the suspended viewing platform located at the top of Mount Tenjo. If walking out onto the suspended platform which juts out from the mountainside at a height of 1,110 meters isn’t thrilling enough for you, how about trying the mountaintop park’s newest addition – Kachi-kachi Yama Superb Viewing Swing.

Transporting visitors in just 2 minutes 20 seconds from Lake Kawaguchiko to Fujimidai Station at a height of 1,075 meters, the ropeway offers one of the most unobstructed panoramic views of Mount Fuji. At the top of the park, visitors are spoiled for choice with a number of viewing spots looking out across the lake towards Japan’s tallest mountain.

Having swung into operation on the 13th of November, the park’s new Kachi-kachi Yama Superb Viewing Swing offers visitors a more interactive type of Mount Fuji viewing. With a burst of leg power, push yourself into the air on this new attraction, and as it reaches its peak height of 3.5 meters (that's on top of the park’s altitude of 1,075 meters), you’ll feel as though you're jumping into an endless Mount Fuji Panorama.

Currently, the tree-lined slopes of Mount Tenjo are dyed in autumnal hues of red and brown. To celebrate the season, why not head up to the top of Kawaguchiko – Mt. Fuji Panorama Ropeway Mountaintop Square and take in the spectacular scenery from one of their many exhilarating viewing spots.

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