Princess Mononoke celebrates 25th anniversary with awesome lineup of goods, including Yakul plushie

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    • 2022-08-08

Source: Studio Ghibli


Released in 1997, Princess Mononoke remains one of Studio Ghibli’s classics. The deep storyline, unique characters, and beautifully drawn nature scenery gained instant popularity and left many Ghibli fans in awe.

To this day, the film has not lost its fans’ love and support. In July, the movie celebrated its 25th anniversary and to celebrate this milestone, Studio Ghibli has came out with some celebratory special limited goods. They are now available for purchase at the official Ghibli store “Donguri Sora” nationwide, and Online shopping site “Online Shop Sorannoue”.


The highlight of this lineup appears to to be this new Yakul plushie!


Yakul is Ashitaka’s partner in the movie, and takes Ashitaka to many places throughout their adventures together.

Yakul looks very cool when running through the woods but also very adorably friendly in the film, and they made a 30cm plushie of him to celebrate the film’s anniversary. It is not only adorable but super soft, too!

It also comes with a mini cloth pouch with 25th logo as a complimentary gift.


The next in lineup is a 25th anniversary special design watch series called “Princess Mononoke Watch”.

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