Morinaga’s Milk Caramel: Japan’s most delicious caramels enjoyed since 1913

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    • 2022-05-17
Photo by grape Japan


Since I'm half-French but born in the United States, I have fond memories of the delicious caramels and caramel-flavored sweets I enjoyed on my trips to France. Now that I live in Japan, however, whenever I want some caramel, my first choice is Morinaga's Milk Caramel.

Not only are they delicious and come in a convenient package, but they're easy to find, sold at convenience stores, supermarkets, and train station kiosks everywhere, and very reasonably priced, at 96 cents US (at current rates) for a box of 12.

Photo by grape Japan

Morinaga's Milk Caramel was first sold by Morinaga & Co., Ltd. in 1913. The retro-looking golden-yellow box is one of the oldest designs still used by an existing product today. The words 滋養豊富風味絶佳 "nutritious and delicious" flanking the product name in the center harken back to the Taisho Era (1912-1926) when marketing shifted from a focus on caramels as a luxury product and cigarette-replacement for adults to a treat good for growing children, as it contains Vitamin A, D, B1, B2, and Niacin as well as calcium and iron.

Photo by grape Japan

Morinaga was the first company in Japan to sell caramels in paper containers instead of tins, and the pocketable paper package was the key factor to its initial success. The simple but elegant design makes it so easy to access the caramels: just slide out the tray and take one...

Photo by grape Japan

Unlike some caramels which stick to their wrappers, these caramels are designed to be easy to unwrap. Morinaga actually developed their own machines in 1928 to individually wrap their caramels and this attention to detail has remained ever since.

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