Irasutoya releases adorable free-to-use stock photos of One Piece characters

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    • 流行趨勢
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    • 2021-01-10

Japan has quite a few free stock photo websites, including extremely niche themes such as mouth-watering wagyu beef photos and even a stock photo website of shirtless muscle men performing mundane everyday tasks. Irasutoya is one such website, but the theme of their photo selection is providing an cute illustration depicting just about any situation you can think of.

To celebrate the 1,000th chapter release of popular manga One Piece, Irasutoya has released a set of adorable free-to-use One Piece illustrations of some of the most popular characters from the series!

The set includes the crew:

As well as fan favorite villains like Crocodile, Doflamingo, and an especially big Blackbeard!

....... find the rest of the illustrations on the grape Japan website: