Experience Bingata art and the colors of Okinawa with “Bingata Stay at HOSHINOYA Okinawa”

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If you're looking for a vacation destination in Japan this Spring season, HOSHINOYA Okinawa, a luxury resort on the coastlines of mainland Okinawa, has an attractive proposal for you.

Until May 31st, 2022, you can take advantage of their "Bingata Stay," a special accommodation plan combining rest and enjoyment, along with an appreciation of one of Okinawa's most beautiful artforms.

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Bingata is a traditional stenciled dye technique unique to Okinawa, featuring vivid colors and patterns that reflect the local flora and fauna.

The origin of Bingata is said to be from the 13 century to the 14 century. It flourished along with trade during the Ryukyu dynasty and its products were valued as gifts and trade goods. The patterns of Bingata incorporate aspects of the cultures and natural settings of the countries Okinawa traded with. It uses strong colors because the artwork had to stand out even under the strong sunlight.

You'll begin your day with morning deep breathing exercises as well as a tour of their Yuntaku Garden

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Thus, you'll start the day off by soaking up the colors of the nature of Okinawa and then release them through your inspiration in the Bingata dye work.

Characteristics of Bingata Stay

Bingata Workshop
Under the guidance of an artisan, this workshop will be hosted in the guest rooms facing the resort's lush garden. The stencil designs incorporate both traditional designs such as plum, peony, and motifs for celebration and good luck, and local designs such as the ocean and flora unique to Okinawa. Guests will experience the two steps involved in coloring (dyeing).

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