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    • 2018-08-24


I went to an event that gathered skilled handicrafts!


【Edo Kiriko: Tadayuki Okubo】

By cutting off the surface of the glass with sand or stone, a vivid surface is formed.
The combination of cuts produces various shines.
Edo Kiriko has many original traditional patterns.


【Tin Crafts: Keiichi Nakamura】

Production of tin products was introduced to Japan in 1, 200 - 1, 300 years ago.
Tin is not rusted, so it is said to be a lucky item.
Although it is popular as a gift, tin craftsmen are currently about 20 in Japan.


[Edo toys: Shigeo Sugihara]

Edo toys are carefully made with wisdom and playfulness.
People in the Edo period refrained from flashy play, so a small toy was born.


【Inden: Yoshinobu Yabe】

It is a deer leather product with a history of four hundred years.
Various rich products were born using colored lacquer.
The feel of deer leather and the gloss of lacquer, these two different personality harmonize.


[Bead work: Senda Famie]

I sew two small glass beads on the cloth on which the drawing is drawn.
Sew time with a fine sewing method.
Brilliance and beautiful gradation fascinates viewers.

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