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우편번호: 980-0811
5 minute walk from the Hirose-dori Subway Station
영업 시간
월요일  10:00-19:30
화요일  10:00-19:30
수요일  10:00-19:30
목요일  10:00-19:30
금요일  10:00-19:30
토요일  10:00-19:00
일요일  10:00-19:00
정기휴일:元日のみ Sweets for takeout created by a tea shop with a longstanding history
공식 웹사이트
매장 유형
식료품 매장
취급 상품

A tea shop with a longstanding history founded in 1920. Based on the concept of “the four seasons and the scent of new tea,” we have prepared a varied lineup that includes Sencha green tea. We also sell a variety of sweets for takeout. One of our most popular items is the Petit Zunda Parfait, featuring soft maccha ice cream made by a discerning tea shop using plenty of Kyoto maccha and garnished with Zunda mochi (rice cake), a Sendai delicacy, for ¥350 (tax included). Our store also features a café space, which we recommend as a place to catch your breath while enjoying our delicious Japanese tea, of which we are quite proud.


신용 카드

  • VISA (비자)

  • JCB (제이씨비)

  • 각종 신용카드

시설 서비스

  • Tax-free Shop (택스프리 숍)

  • 주차장