Iwaki-Yumoto Hot Springs Ryokan KOITO

도호쿠 후쿠시마
우편번호: 972-8321
FukushimaIwaki1 Kasai Jyoban Yumoto-machi
2 hr. and 30 min. from Tokyo Station by train: Get off at Yumoto Station on the JR Joban line and walk approx. 10 min. (650 meters) By car, approx. 4km. (a little under 10 min. by car) from Iwaki Yumoto IC In the direction of Tokyo: from Misato IC, Iwaki Yumoto IC via Joban Expressway (173 km.) In the direction of Miyagi: From Sendai-Nagamachi IC, Iwaki Yumoto IC via Sendai Tobu/Joban Expressway (163 km.)
영업 시간
월요일  15:00-10:00
화요일  15:00-10:00
수요일  15:00-10:00
목요일  15:00-10:00
금요일  15:00-10:00
토요일  00:00-00:00
일요일  00:00-00:00
정기휴일:不定休 The Koito ryokan is a Japanese-style inn where you can shop and bathe. On the streets, there are many delicious restaurants run by men and women proprietors who exude human warmth. Why not try mingling with the people of this hot spring town? Our staff will introduce to you the cozy restaurant establishments here.
공식 웹사이트
매장 유형
기념품・지역 특산품 매장
취급 상품
예술・전통 공예

Yumoto Onsen has a 1,200 year history and has provided lodging, restaurants, shopping and baths since 1949.
The hot spring quality is sodium, chloride sulfate spring, and hypotonic alkalescent hot spring.
The popular barrier-free bathhouse building has a large public bath, an open-air bath, and private baths.
Free-flowing natural spring water is used without adding, heating or circulating the water.
Bathing therapists provide advice on bathing methods for various symptoms.
The staple food of rice is certified organically cultivated rice grown using a natural mineral fertilizer and absolutely no agricultural chemicals.
A drinking establishment has achieved the highest number of gold medals in Fukushima for three years in a row from the National Bureau’s Research Institute of Brewing.
At the bar inside, you can drink various kinds of Japanese sake.
Staff introduce to you delicious restaurants run by men and women proprietors who exude human warmth.
Nearby, there are shrines, foot baths and public baths as well as mountains and rivers, and there is a rich natural environment.
All guest rooms are Japanese-style tatami-floored rooms with futon bedding.
Guest rooms are equipped with air conditioners that heat and cool the room.
Guest rooms are equipped with a free Internet connection LAN cable.
Non-smoking rooms. Free parking in a 25-car storage space.


신용 카드

  • VISA (비자)

  • Master (마스터)

  • JCB (제이씨비)

  • 유니온페이카드・은련카드

  • 다이너스클럽

  • 아메리칸 익스프레스

  • 각종 신용카드

시설 서비스

  • Tax-free Shop (택스프리 숍)

  • FREE Wi-Fi (프리 와이파이)

  • 외국인 스태프

  • 언어 대응 설비 (태블릿, 단말기, 가리킴 대화 도구)

  • 다국어 팜플렛 설치

  • 주차장