도호쿠 후쿠시마
우편번호: 966-0852
5 min. walk from Kitakata Station
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월요일  09:00-18:00
화요일  09:00-18:00
수요일  09:00-18:00
목요일  09:00-18:00
금요일  09:00-18:00
토요일  09:00-18:00
일요일  09:00-18:00
정기휴일:第二・第四木曜日 A lacquer specialty shop with a history that goes back to its founding during the Kaei era (Edo period)
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매장 유형
전통 공예품 매장
취급 상품

This shop specializes in lacquerware that is made by making being easy to use the top priority. The sturdy containers assembled here are painted with carefully considered materials so that they may be used as daily use items for a long time. Because tableware for daily use must be strong to resist peeling and chipping, various preparative techniques in order to enhance the strength of these items, which are actually used and valued in school lunches at elementary schools in Kitakata City. Besides rice bowls, bowls and plates for Japanese food, there are many coffee mugs and wine cups, and plates for pasta and cake, so please stop by at your leisure.


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  • VISA (비자)

  • Master (마스터)

  • JCB (제이씨비)

  • 다이너스클럽

  • 아메리칸 익스프레스

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  • Tax-free Shop (택스프리 숍)

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