Starbucks celebrates 25 years in Japan with 47 regional frappuccinos, one for each prefecture

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    • 2021-06-28

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Starbucks Japan celebrating its 25th anniversary
Starbucks Coffee Ginza Matsuya-dori, the first Starbucks Coffee store, was opened in Ginza, Tokyo in 1996, and since then, Starbucks has opened stores in 47 prefectures. Now celebrating its 25th anniversary in Japan, the famous coffee chain has grown to approximately 1,600 stores nationwide.


47 JIMOTO Frappuccino®

From Wednesday, June 30th, 2021, Starbucks Coffee Japan Co., Ltd. will launch its "47JIMOTO Frappuccino®" campaign at all Starbucks stores nationwide (excluding some stores). With original frappuccinos for each of the 47 prefectures of Japan, they've collected "different stories to express (their) gratitude to the local community for the support (they've) received thus far and (their) hope for the connections that will continue into the future."


Invented by local partners

The "47 JIMOTO Frappuccino®" series is created by local partners in each of the 47 prefectures, who came up with ideas to express their gratitude and wishes for their local customers.
The lineup is full of individuality. Each one has a name, look and taste reflecting the unique perspective of each region.

47 JIMOTO Frappuccino® lineup

  • HOKKAIDO: 北海道 とうきび クリーミー フラペチーノ®
    Hokkaido Tōkibi (corn) Creamy Frappuccino® (link)
  • AOMORI: 青森 じゃわめく りんご ストロベリー フラペチーノ®
    Aomori Apple Jawameku Strawberry Frappuccino® (link)
  • IWATE: 岩手 めんこい 抹茶 & ゴマ フラペチーノ®
    Iwate Menkoi Matcha & Sesame Frappuccino® (link)
  • MIYAGI: 宮城 だっちゃ ずんだ抹茶 フラペチーノ®
    Miyagi Datcha Zunda (dumpling) Matcha Frappuccino® (link)
  • AKITA: 秋田 あまじょっぺ 塩キャラメル フラペチーノ®
    Akita Amajoppe (sweet-salty) Salty Caramel Frappuccino® (link)
  • YAMAGATA: 山形 好きだず ラ・フランス フラペチーノ®
    Yamagata Sukidazu La France (pear) Frappuccino® (link)
  • FUKUSHIMA: 福島 いろどり フルーツ だっぱい フラペチーノ®
    Fukushima Irodori (colorful) Fruits Dappai Frappuccino® (link)
  • IBARAKI: 茨城 メロン いがっぺ クリーミー フラペチーノ®
    Ibaraki Melon Igappe Creamy Frappuccino® (link)
  • TOCHIGI: 栃木 らいさま パチパチ チョコレート フラペチーノ®
    Tochigi Raisama Pachipachi (crackling) Chocolate Frappuccino® (link)
  • GUNMA: 群馬 だんべぇ ヨーグルト マンゴー フラペチーノ®
    Gunma Danbē Yogurt Mango Frappuccino® (link)
  • SAITAMA: 埼玉 多彩玉 ストロベリー & シトラス フラペチーノ®
    Saitama Tasaitama Strawberry & Citrus Frappuccino® (link)
  • CHIBA: 千葉 なごみ みたらし コーヒー クリーム フラペチーノ®
    Chiba Nagomi Mitarashi (dumpling) Coffee Cream Frappuccino® (link)
  • TOKYO: 東京 オリジン コーヒー ジェリー キャラメル フラペチーノ®
    Tokyo Origin Coffee Jelly Caramel Frappuccino® (link)

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