Revamped Kawaii Monster Cafe has birthday plan with “manga meat,” takeout & delivery menu

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    • 2020-06-21

The Kawaii Monster Cafe is an icon of Harajuku fashion culture, blending the charmingly kawaii as well as the delightfully chaotic. It is always popular with tourists and fashionable teens. Even Kim Kardashian made a visit.


During the novel coronavirus pandemic, like so many other restaurants and cafes across the country, things were rather quiet for a while at the normally frenetic and psychedelic restaurant. Now that the state of emergency has been lifted in Tokyo, however, the Kawaii Monster Cafe has decided to reopen for business. Harajuku fashion culture's icon is back and better than ever, and it all begins tomorrow, June 13th.

Of course, they are fully aware that vigilance is still required, so they are taking a two-pronged approach, launching a whole variety of takeout and delivery options for those who want to enjoy the Kawaii Monster Cafe experience at home, and providing an in-store experience with a new private room and robust safety measures in place.

Harajuku KAWAII Birthday Party Set

This new birthday set can be enjoyed both at home and in-store. There are 3 types of main dishes to choose from, such as "Manga Meat," which, as the name suggests, is inspired by the caricatured depiction of a giant block of meat on the bone often seen in manga and anime.


There's also a wide variety of menu items such as a rainbow-colored chopped jelly salad, sliders with colorful buns, a dessert pizza with apple and cheese, and all kinds of tasty hors d'oeuvres to satisfy a monster appetite.


Of course, you can't have a birthday without a birthday cake, and Kawaii Monster Cafe never fails to please in that department. A customized version of the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE's famous "Colorful Poison Cake" is sure to be the highlight of your party.

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