Vegan Snacks And Meals At Japanese Convenience Stores

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    • 2020-06-22


Searching for vegetarian and vegan food at Japanese convenience stores? This is a full guide to eating plant-based, with 20 great vegan food, snacks, and drinks, and general tips for finding food. All can enjoy travel in Japan, regardless of food and dietary preferences.

Eating Vegan at Convenience Stores

The convenience store, or conbini, is a food and shopping spot that plays vital role in everyday life in Japan. Found every couple of blocks in Tokyo, Osaka, and other cities and suburbs nationwide, Seven-Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, and other convenience stores are everywhere. It is easy to drop in to buy snacks and drinks at low prices.

While convenience stores carry a lot of food, it can be challenging for guests looking for vegan food and beverages or those with allergies. This article recommends vegan* items found at convenience stores throughout Japan. These ready-to-eat foods and beverages are suitable for traveling or on-the-go. Pick up a few items to make a complete meal.

1. Plain White Rice Onigiri


A basic, but delicious option is a plain rice onigiri (rice ball). Found at all convenience stores, this rice ball is completely plant-based and vegan-friendly, containing white rice and salt. A typical white rice ball will be priced around 100 yen and is among the most inexpensive options at a convenience store.

White rice balls are sold at Seven-Eleven, Lawson, and Family Mart, as well as less common stores, such as Mini Stop and Daily Yamazaki. This is a satisfying option when you are looking for something quick and filling.

2. Pickled Plum Onigiri


A pickled plum rice ball, or umeboshi onigiri, is another vegan-friendly food found at convenience stores nationwide. This rice ball has a pickled plum in its center, which gives it a pronounced sour, salty taste. Its strong flavor may surprise first-time eaters.

Umeboshi and ume are a staple in Japanese diets and cuisine, and are also considered to be healthy and may provide metabolism-boosting benefits. A pickled plum rice ball will generally cost around 120 yen and is available at all convenience store chains.

3. Edamame

An easy option for those looking for vegetables is ready-to-eat edamame. Edamame is sold at convenience stores in triangular-shaped packages that are easy to open and consume wherever you are. Flavored simply with salt, edamame is a great way to enjoy a classic and refreshing Japanese snack. A bag will cost between 150 and 200 yen.

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